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required reading: invasions of fannish privacy
Read these now:

Dejana and Ithiliana on invasions of fannish privacy.

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Oh...boy. That is NOT GOOD and has some scary, scary implications if this becomes the norm. Good GRIEF.

Hey, fanthropology still has a post public that outs a fan. It looks like it *is* going that way.

...okay, this is very, very disturbing. I don't have many enemies, but with my future career gaols, it could be very damaging. I didn't even know I had a Fan History page. If she had asked, I'd be a lot more okay, but just finding out... I think I need a shower now. And thank god they haven't found any of my LJ posts or fics. But I don't think I can ever post to FF.N again.

Just.....ugh. *shudders*

Even more exciting is fanthropology keeping up a post where a fan is outed publicly.

....I have no words.

Shiiit, that's scary.

I was pretty pissed off after reading both articles....

Jesus Christ. *is seriously freaked out*

Oh. My. God. I had no idea. It's scary to think that fen should do this to each other - it's not the linking of fanish identity and real name per se, but doing so to harm somebody. Damn.

That is seriously fscked up.

I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed by the idea of a wiki being bot-created to put up fan info, or by the fact that the people who run the whole thing keep PUTTING BACK info that the fan community takes down to protect the fandom/real life boundary.

They'll always put back the info that they want up there, even if it's blatantly untrue. It took me over a year to get them to stop calling me a Harmonian (I wrote H/D and H/G; the fact that I think FW's handling of Harmony.com was disgraceful does not mean that I supported H/Hr) and they STILL repost FW Wiki stuff as fact about people. The links to my views on various topics on my page do not link to any of my posts; they link to discussions of my posts on F_W with soundbites quoted out of context. They even spelled my LJ name wrong and so on and it took white_serpent ages to correct much of it and they wouldn't let her do all the corrections.

I have no idea why Laura decided she wanted to trash me--I never knew her until I found this page--but Heidi said it's probably because of my association with her and former association with Ms Scribe (before Nostry discovered she lied to everyone we knew).

I had totally forgotten about that site, which reminded me I needed to check to see if I'd appeared there yet. And I had, under another name I used to use.

I find the idea of that wiki repugnant to be honest; documenting people without asking their permission to do so. The fact that they have pulled this shit really does not surprise me. The idea that because I've posted online meaning people should be privy to details about me is quite a horrifying concept.

Edited at 2008-07-22 07:34 pm (UTC)

oh, for Christ's sake.

Why would anyone want to know someone elses real name? Other than first names if you're having a conversation, it doesn't need to be known. With all the issues as is, what with possible employers and schools and other seriously important things, shit like this is asking to cause trouble.

Raised by wolves, I swear.

At least most people seem to be able to resist the urge to link to FH, so she won't get a big bump in her page hits, which appears to be one of her reasons for doing this. The other reasons, of course, being resentment and envy. She's pissing in the fannish pool and figures nobody can punish her for it.

And since she's out to her employers (and presumably her family), I suppose she might be right.

*thoughtful* She is, yes. She's very well linked up with a lot of events and arguments now.

Oh sweet Jaysus, what a mess it all is, I see now. I shall go back to my corner and resume my inner mantra of obliviousness, I think. It just never occurs to me, I mean truly - I never see things like this coming, because it never occurs to me that anybody would DO this stuff.

I'll just be over there, researching the arctic musk-ox.

Musk ox stew?

....yes, I'm reading a lot of Due South fic, why do you ask?

This is such a distressing violation of privacy.

Oh, gosh. This is scary. At least my page was only about FF.net profile. I'd rather have it be bot created than have people contributing to it. Thank goodness it doesn't link to my LJ or youtube or anything. O_O

I think OTW members should be transparent about who they are. That being said, no one should have that decision taken away from them. But it's hypocrisy to say your trying to legitimize fanworks and then saying oh wait don't want to have my life connected to it in any way...like it's something embarrassing. Are OTW accepting money for their cause, btw? If they are then I think they should be even more transparent. I would want to know who I'm giving my money to if I agreed with what the OTW were doing. Just my two cents.

I'd agree if people were as good as they should be. Since they don't; since they harass, stalk, call employers, cause people RL problems, I'm not going to ask of them what I certainly wouldn't ask of myself.

As ithiliana illustrated, embarrassing is the very least of problems. Being a civil servant myself, embarrassment is far less a problem than coworkers, bosses, or say, interviewing for a promotion.

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