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it's totally a monday

I knew it was a Monday when I woke up, sure. But do Mondays have to be Mondayish? I mean, it's a cliche--everything is not really supposed to go wrong on Monday! And why my life thinks it's supposed to is a mystery I am sure I will never solve.

And if this program doesn't stop screwing around I will not snap, per se, but I will finally admit I snapped a long, long time ago and stop trying to control homicidal impulses, because really. Sure, jail time, but on the other hand--okay, I don't have another hand for this one.

What I have learned:

1.) Programmers should not be allowed near programs without adequate supervision. Before you look at me like I'm nuts (even though, yeah, there is that), we have yet another improvement to the system that miraculously makes an already confusing method of inquiry even more confusing by changing a nice single page into a series of a million much shorter pages. I wish I could really get across the full extent of the nightmare that has become my life, but imagine trying to read a fic with six words per page, but pretend the word is a case number and you are supposed to sort all the cases by date, but you can't because the cases are now all on different pages and there is no way to sort them. And there are different types of words, or cases, rather, and you just stare at it and then ask your boss for the developer's name and ten minutes in the break room no questions asked.

Why did they think this was a good idea?

2.) I'm freaking serious about the break room. I only need five and a blue pen.

3.) I'd settle for two minutes and anthrax.

4.) This problem is exacerbated by the fact I don't think any of the programmers have any idea of what they are actually writing. Bear with me. They are each given a small module of a much, much, much larger program, and I get the distinct impression they aren't really aware that there is a larger program. They also really do not understand who they are writing for. I used to hear the arguments they'd make against stuff we wanted the program to do that were kind of insane. I mean, insane.

5.) Only one of five can document.

6.) Of those one in five, none of them speak English as a first language (or second, for that matter), so there's a lot of interpretation between technical speak and layman English with a lot of inquiries into if they speak American English or British English, because wow, can that go tragic places fast. It's not even the language barrier--a huge amount of it is the technical language barrier--I don't think many of them really absorbed How To Talk to the Layman About Hideously Complicated Changes That Make No Sense.

7.) This design is still hideous. Inline frames do not make things better.

8.) One minute and ebola. Just one.


I'm hunting up every h/c dS fic I have read, create a list, and re-read it all when I get home. Maybe SGA too. Something with Rodney and a crushed hand, maybe.
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