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I am ridiculously irritable right now, which is partially high level sleep deprivation, as I am an idiot, and partially stewing--I kid you not--over Dr. Who finale reviews. Part of this is I keep reading them, even when the subject line says it will not be my cup of tea, and part of it is vague unformed anticipation of a new SGA season, and a bit of it is I somehow, while randomly reading through Due South recs, managed to hit three deathfic, and a dead puppy fic one after another because I kept forgetting to check the warnings. I can't even work out the odds on managing that.

Dead puppy!

Then Madelyn pasted some traumatizing Jack/Ianto that helped clear my mind of omg dead puppy! and went to oh my God, someone *wrote* that? Why? which was zen inducing because I cannot deal with dead puppies (puppy!) but terrifying Torchwood porn is a-okay.

Short and vaguely grumpy, below cut, Dr. Who spoilers, Rose specific:

Rose. Here's the thing.

I think it says fairly awesome things about Rose's character development from the time she met the Doctor, when her two choices post-Doctor are a.) eat ice cream, watch television, cry for a bit over the man she loved and is effectively dead to her, as people do when they fall in love and then lose it, or b.) wake up and think, huh. You know, I can get a dimensional cannon and fetch the bloke myself. Let's see how to go about that. And maybe help save the universe on the side.

There is no universe where that it is not awesome.

I kind of have the same reaction to Ianto, though his situation has that side effect of horrific death and destruction, the significant other in question being, you know, evil cyberperson, but you really have to be impressed when anyone stands up, pushes back the ice cream, and says, the situation as stands sucks. Now how can I improve this? And does a really good job doing it. If she had not been evil, this would have worked out very well. Sadly, evil. But Ianto, awesome.

Supernatural--do I even need to *list* the frankly obscure and terrifying ways Dean and Sam have gone about trying to stay together and avoid being separated from/death of the other person? That's like, every episode.

I am not getting this. I get people just not liking her all that much and never have--that's character preference and I have some problems with Donna (though not huge ones). But I get frustrated when strength of character is used as a blunt force instrument on a female character. Some people want medical careers and some people want babies and some people want, I don't know, to live on a mountain and eat fish all day. None of these things necessarily have anything to do with strength of character; they're life decisions that strength of character helps people find a way to achieve to their satisfaction.

Okay, now that is done. I am still not sleepy. And now I am remembering dead puppy fic. Gah. Puppy. And hopefully, will see Nephew today. Pictures are promising.
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