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mountain dew == spawn of darkness?
So I have discovered Mountain Dew is not friendly when I lose concentration while reading a sex scene. In McShep! And it's not scary or bad!

Little known fact. Me and caffeine == OTP. Also, interesting side effect; being taken off caffeine for oh, say, three and a half days makes me very, very twitchy. First and second day are lethargy and comatose respectively before my body adjusts to the horror and overcompensates in dramatic ways for what it feels I am missing in my life. I could say I figured this out in some normal healthy lifestyle way, but I actually discovered this when my parents secretly changed to decaf and I couldn't work out why I wanted to die, had a headache, couldn't move off the couch, was faintly nauseated, and couldn't write legibly even by medical standards (very low standards indeed). Followed by a horrifying week of bouncing in place at my desk, people worriedly discussing drug problems, and a few days of very strange sleep.

Actually, I worked this out the second time they did this. Yes, that does make me sad to know.

It's like this--theoretically, am I a medical professional? No--I like to keep a certain level of caffeine in my bloodstream, like any good addict. We are not fond of variation or change. However, going too far either way can be strange and mystical (no-doze, very strange, vaguely religious) and deeply wrong (did I mention withdrawal headaches and comatose?).

Moutain Dew is my Deeply Wrong. For the life of me, though I can't figure out why. I am twitchy, irritated, and faintly dislike the color orange right now. I drink coffee which apparently has far, far more caffeine and am fine, but Mountain Dew feels wrong, though not Pepsi One level wrong (may I repress that day of horror, dear God), or ginseng Snickers wrong (God, that was wrong. That was incredibly not mystical at all. Also, yes, ginseng Snickers. And of course I tried it. I like ginseng! I like chocolate! Apparently though, not together, who saw that coming?) and not quite diet soda level wrong (that is so unfair I can't even deal with it rationally).

Also, this explains the last few days where I took a can to work and felt strange and filled with a bitter dislike of graphs.

I continue to share culinary adventures with the class.

Seriously. Mountain Dew? Why? Red Bull didn't bother me! (That may be a lie; I can't remember resenting it recently.) I hate the universe. Even though no, I do not find it tasty and normally never get it, I resent the fact it exists. It's like Folgers Coffee--I never loved it, but the fact it now makes me sick makes me loathe humanity. Except for the Simply Smooth variety. Which is my triumph over something, God knows what. Adversity? Good taste? Gah.

Why is food slowly turning against me?

Does anyone see me in twenty years having to live off whole foods I grow myself (like, green beans and parsley and mint, basically; I am not green in thumb) and raw caffeine I have to extract in an underground illegal lab or something? I am seeing this and I find it creepy.
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Possibly. I hope so. My list of drinks of caffeine and sugar is getting sadder by the day. I'm still grumpy about Pepsi One.

Mountain Dew puts me in a happy, happy, happy place. The paint yourself blue and wave pom-poms kind of happy. The "could-audition-for-the-role-of-Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" kind of happy. It hits me like ecstasy laced with uppers.

I finished my mcshep_match fic on Mountain Dew then slobbered all over the mod for 20 minutes, "I'm so glad I signed up for the challenge, you're so wonderful, challenges are terrific, you have nice eyes, wheeeee!"

Most caffiene makes me irascible. I don't know why Mountain Dew's so different.

I do not resent you. Much.

Painting yourself blue == laughign self sick. That is some *good* caffeine.

I'm not sure how it was decided that ginseng + Snickers = something marketable. A caffeinated Snickers I could see, especially when they market Snickers as a candy bar that eats like a meal-- hey, candy bar breakfast rationalization!

They have ginseng pepsi too. It's bizarre.

Ok, now this I'd be willing to try. Where do you find it?

I miss Mountain Dew Pitch Black. That stuff was crack, man.

Oddly, one Pepsi gives me a headache, a second one cures it.

Me too.
It was the most bizarre color I've ever seen in a coke but damn if it wasn't delicious.

My whole gaming group got addicted. Then they took it off the market. My husband still complains about it whenever Mountain Dew releases a new flavor.

I feel your pain. I actually stopped drinking coffee about three years ago. I was at the stage where I needed three cups in the morning just to be functional and I already took it quite strong to begin with. It was awful because besides missing the taste of it I spent two weeks in severe withdrawal. I had no energy, really bad headaches, felt disorientated and even fell asleep on my desk one day. Not good!

Now, well, I still miss the taste but if I even have one cup in the morning I find it hard to sleep that night. Honestly if I thought I could go back to one or two cups a day I would but I admit it, I'm an addict.

Does anyone see me in twenty years having to live off whole foods I grow myself (like, green beans and parsley and mint, basically; I am not green in thumb) and raw caffeine I have to extract in an underground illegal lab or something? I am seeing this and I find it creepy.

HA!! That's funny but sadly it's true: I find that as I get older, my body seems less able to handle highly processed foods. The few moments of yummy joy that junk food and/or soda gives me is not worth the nausea and slight headache, the general "off" feeling I get after eating it. In fact I've found the easiest thing to do is to avoid anything with corn syrup in it. That stuff seems to be in all processed foods!

"Fair Trade" coffee

Oops, I accidentally posted in the middle of the last sentence:

"Fair Trade" coffee beans you grind yourself in the store seems to me to be the freshest and tastiest coffee on the market, so your "raw caffeine" thing also seems to hold true!

Caffiene + me=OTP also.

For a number of years, I worked for a fast food resteraunt where we were allowed to drink as many cokes (cokes here being whatever soda we had. We call all soda 'coke' here). We also had to provide our own drinking vessel (cuz my boss was fucking cheap) so I brought in a Coleman canteen thing that held about 2 liters. And I went through at least 2 of those A DAY. Sometimes more.

When I finally quit to become a SAHM, I was jittery, couldn't sleep and seriously irritable.

Now, if I don't drink at least 2 cups of coffee in the morning, I am shit for the rest of the day. So I'm better, but still dependant.

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