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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and my sister? still not in labor
I feel moody and antisocial. Tried to start a flamewar with winterlive -- totally shot me down. Tried to write fic, ended up with a List of Things Ten Will Find Quite a Shock that tzikeh and I came up with during post-Who hysteria, because we gleed hard.

I know I am not the only one that contemplates with glee when Ten Mark II starts a speech with "I am the Doctor--and can we wrap this up? The sitter gets off at six." where all alien invasions find themselves shuffled off back into outer space because the sitter charges a pound a minute when he's late picking up the kids. Because there is a level of unbelievable motivation going on when your tiny quarter-Timelord offspring might accidentally send the sitter back to the fifteenth century while you're fighting evil.

I'm just--enchanted by the concept. Yes, I am a romantic, and also, I find it funny as hell. Along with poor, poor AUTorchwood who are suddenly the recipients of the Doctor's complete and unwavering attention. They'll never know what hit them.

*sad* I want fic. Like, the first week. When the Ten Mark II discovers a.) hormones b.) chocolate c.) soap operas and d.) bathrooms, in that order. Cliches are cliches because they are funny.

Hmm. I feel better.

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I'm just--enchanted by the concept. Yes, I am a romantic,

Both of these things are not bad things. Because yes. And also: yes.

Edited at 2008-07-08 03:32 pm (UTC)

I am NOT writing it, because I am NOT in the fandom (and I mean NOT as in NOT and even if I were [which I am NOT] it would be gen because Jack/Ianto is too hot even for me so I am NOT) it would be Sarah Jane, Martha, and hell, maybe even Rose and Doctor 10.5 ganging up on Jack, making sure he was with the program (which he SO would be, since he would know Donna was on the fast track to hell with a Timelord's brain in hers), and making sure he would get the doctor to come to him afterward. He'd be telling the doctor, "Do something you know you shouldn't do, just this once, and meet me at this bar, on the Cardiff wharf, tomorrow at six," and the Doctor would say yes, yes of course and not intend to do it at all. But then he would, and he'd still be damp, and Jack would feed him ginger beer (laced with Macallan single-malt but he wouldn't say so) and tell him, "You didn't make us into weapons, you made us into YOU, you made us into people capable of sacrificing all in order to save the universe. We know your default setting is guilt, but in this case, Davros was wrong, wrong, wrong. So quit it. And you know you had to take Donna's memories of you away or else she'd die. But don't worry about her, because the rest of the family is looking out for her and we'll make sure she's okay."

And the Doctor would blink, and realize he's just a little bit tipsy (it was just half a shot of Macallan, after all, from the bartender that calls Jack 'Captain Jack Hotness' and knows him well), and start to smile a little. Then Martha would come in, and hug him, and give him an invite to her wedding (which she knows he won't attend, and he knows she knows he won't attend), and he'd leave, feeling just that little bit better.

But I'm not writing that. Really.

YES! Dear God, Ten's angst. It's adorable but I want to slap him.

LOL! Oh my god I want this toooo. He might be human now but his mamories are time-lordy and the humour would be brilliant.


If he doesn't have a TARDIS Mark II, how are he or his offspring going to bolt through time? Control in Rose's world seems to have disassembled their TARDIS pretty thoroughly, and Donna did get the Doctor's mind.

What happens when your TARDIS has been re-assembled using the expertise of the best temp in Chezzik? (I have no idea how to spell something pronounced by people who say "Woostersher" for "Worcestershire.") Do you then travel at 100wpm, or does the space/time continuum make more sense in shorthand after that?

You grow a TARDIS from what I understand. I'm sure he could work something out. *G*

I really want him to go around introducing himself as "The Doctor. ...well, The Human Doctor," and getting a lot of blank stares and, "So not...a vet, then...right. Carry on."

But really, I just feel there are endless opportunities for comedy, angst, pining, and wooing in that other universe, and I approve.

...I'm actually really disturbed by what Ten would consider wooing. He has like, the history of all the mating rituals in all the universe probably in his head and the mix-and-match can only lead to disaster.

Hilarious, hilarious disaster.

*sad* I want fic. Like, the first week. When the Ten Mark II discovers a.) hormones b.) chocolate c.) soap operas and d.) bathrooms, in that order. Cliches are cliches because they are funny.

I am sort of writing a fic like that, only it's been serious so far. Should I add some crack, do you think?

Whatever feels right. I"m looking forward to reading it!

Hee! Maybe Torchwood will now have in-house daycare? The pterodactyl can entertain the kids by giving them rides.

I'm still waiting for the SG-1/SGA crossover from when Martha told him NATO and UNIT combined together to make Homeworld Security. He needs to meet Jack O'Neill. It would be wonderfully disastrous.

Still waiting.

i remain charmed that you consider it bowing out of a flame war when i tell you that i was, in fact, mocking you.

*thumbs up*

*sulks* Well, it's not worth it if it's mocking me. I can mock myself and I do it better than anyone.

I was so gleeful over our lists that I half-considered posting basically the entire chat because *everyone* should partake of the HAPPY. I want the HAPPY, dammit.

*giggles* It was so much fun!

WHAT IF DR CORDAY IS ALIVE IN THIS 'VERSE STILL??? Obviously, if the local Doctor got his crazy self killed, then the events of the world-sized library never took place and River Song is likely archeologing her way through the constellations and she totally knows his name, which presumably means she has his number and OMG THE ANGST

But only in the regular universe. Pete's World universe doesn't have a Doctor, so his inflluence on events is confusing.

....like the entire show, come to think.

Please promise that if anyone writes this for you...you'll share...Please??

That would be great- I'd love to see that scene (and possibly the Torchwood crew BEING the sitter). Also, I can totally see the doctor spending a day in the bathroom just puttering about with his sonic screwdriver making "improvements."


Mind you, the Doctor Mark Original already knew about B, C and D, and A is debatable depending on which side of the Asexuality Doctrine you come down on.

Then again, in my own fanon Clone!Ten and Rose drive each other batty within months and break back into the regular universe to find Donna and restore her memories because she and Clone!Ten balance each other out in some sort of weird shared-memories psychic link symmetry thing, and then go on to form an OT3 of awesome.

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