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lethargy is defined by this

Lethargy shouldn't be combined with suddenly wanting to turn one's reading log into a statistical sampling, but I was fixing my tags by month (the thing is, I used to have this sucker sorted by *day*, that is how anal I was) and wondered if creating a tag for pov would be *that* bad of an idea. Just so I know. And then create a flowchart on how I got where to what fic when and how, which is kind of crazy, and then realized I was picking out colors for the Venn diagram and closed everything before something weird happened.

I don't even know what to do with that but satisfy my vague curiosity if there *are* actually an overwhelming number of first person pov stories or if I feel that because in SGA, that's the unicorn of fictional points of view. It's just so uncommon; off the top of my head, I cannot think of a first person pov story I've read in the last year before Due South. In fact, to tell the truth, I can't remember the last time I read an experimental second person. And I can't remember a fic I read that had more than one narrator other than gen fic by miss_porcupine and ltlj. I know there were some--probably several. But I can't think of any that weren't exclusively third person limited, one narrator.

Also, I've never seen anyone anywhere pull off omniscient narrator without making me want to beat my head in before now. That was neat.

Hmm. I think part of my curiosity for dS is to see if it's actually *that* common because I used three specific rec pages to jump from one at a time, so for all intents and purposes, I'm going to hit a lot of *similar* fics, in that they all conform to the reccers taste and it's recent enough that I can still remember (and have in cache), how I went here or there. It's like a fannish migration pattern in miniature. It's especially true when hitting certain authors, weirdly enough--I'll read X author, remember she's really close to Y author, go to Y author to see if she wrote anything, check Z who was friends with Y, and keep going out until I run out of associations and return to the rec page (I run out of associations fast, btw).

Okay, so I am enthralled with really useless information, but it's kind of fascinating. I started logging July first, five days after starting to *read the fic* and had to retroactively add in the June ones. Going backward through them is kind of dizzying.

Overthinking useless things == totally my thing.
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