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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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mondays argh
clark very pretty
I feel intensely lethargic today. Not in a productive, thinking-of-porn way. More in a, I do not even feel motivated to use google to look for something way. I am not motivated enough to think of keywords. This is like sloth. A weird sloth that still lets me post to tell people how slothful I am. Internet sloth, even.

Youngest Sister's Child is due--well, today. She'll be induced on Wednesday if there is no sign of arrival, and not a moment too soon, because Macy's is having a forty percent plus forty percent off sale and no child needs that many tiny rompers and tiny tiny overalls. I'm telling you, when I got the first few checked out and saw the price, the only thing that actually stopped me from stripping the entire rack (surely a baby will be born to my family eventually that can wear it, right?) is the fact I was distracted with Starbucks and my sister faking labor.

Then of course my sisters and I played the "I Am More Thrifty Than You Are" Game, where one speaks of craiglist and the other of consignment shops and I nodded and let them win. It's not that I don't agree. But I fail at finding clothes new that fit (jeans, people, jeans). I just do not see my chances are as good as Mrs I Found This Coach Bag at Goodwill Who Is the Man Now when she's like a size 2 or something and everything in the galaxy fits her.

Have stolen dS season two DVDs from Child and get to rewatch now. Happy.

Yep. Still lethargic. Even typing feels like too much work.

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*nods* I think it has something to do with coming off a holiday weekend, at least for me. Hubby was home three days instead of two, which threw off normal routine. We ate lots and took lots of naps, which probably adds to current lethargic feeling. I still want to eat lots and take lots of naps, so am struggling to get back to a normal getting-productive-things-done day.

But, hey--let's just wallow in sloth-like feeling until real world calls us out of it, I say. More coffee, more almond-poppy-seed bread, and...definitely yes, nap.


Yes! Like that! With the wallowing. And vague bitter (lazy) resentment of the world for making me get out of bed!

I can't imagine why you might be a little worn out today.

i have a list of things to do today, and have done....2 of them.

there's seven things on that list.

SLOTH. The New....

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