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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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thursdays before vacations are good days
children of dune - leto 1

Have you ever went back and read something you wrote the night before (all fifteen pages of it), and you can actually chart the decline of your sanity by paragraph?

I went from "probably doesn't need medication" to "we build special, special rooms for this" in like, ten paragraphs. That's pretty damn impressive.

Anyone up for a beta?

I suggest you keep your expectations low. The above is not a hypothetical. And is also not SGA.

In other news, Child hates Kowalski. "He's making Fraser sad," Child says, staring at me resentfully. "Vecchio was better."

The worst part is, I had to wait until he took the summer of his discontent to his room to laugh. Ribs hurt. Ow.

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I love Child. (Okay, I do like Kowalski. I just... am alone in a sea of people who like him better than Vecchio. *g*)

I really wish he were a little older or I coudl remmber to write down our joint commentary. It just kills me how we think alike *right until we don't*.

Yes. That. (This is my TV-watching experience with my father, wherein we will watch an episode of, say, SGA, and be agreeing and saying the *identical* things in response, until suddenly he comes up with something like Zelenka being a waste of space, and then I know I must be adopted. *g*)

Not alone: I do not hate Kowalski either, I just do not care for him, whereas I loved Vecchio and his friendship with Fraser was so cute! Oh well.

Well. It could be argued that writing Due South *takes wild guess* is easier minus the sanity.

I cannot disagree with that statement. After the voodoo nad group hypnosis, I just went with it.

See and knowing that it's DS makes those two bits just MAKE MORE SENSE. And this is possibly why we love this show. Because Fraser and Ray can run into a black market, voodoo cult and Ray can go "AGAIN?".

That's really the only way it does. The singing Mounties just made it that much easier to deal.

The best part? The singing mounties exists. I think it was the real deal too. *beams* But really, once you give up your preconceived notions of rationality and reality, THE WHOLE WORLD opens up.

> "He's making Fraser sad,"

Well, he's not alone in preferring Vecchio and not getting into Kowalski, actually.

You can tell him that some other Due South watchers had the same impression. Tastes differ: 'Vive la difference' and all that.


*g* He always liked Angel better than Spike, too. Very consistent kid.

In truth, so did I, but to be fair I hardly ever watched Buffy -I don't think less than 3 episodes count?- so my opinion is not as informed as it is for Due South. Still, this proves that he has taste!

Good taste! Yis!

Too bad he is too young for me, because we seem to be mated souls...

I guess you can't tell The Child that Fraser's not sad, he's just confused because he's never had these kinds of feelings for another man and he's afraid that his outwardly heterosexual partner may not feel the same way.

I'm tempted. So tempted.

Yes, this! Also, that Fraser occasionally getting snippy is actually kind of a GOOD sign. *grin*

I'm so beyond delighted, reading you and Child's discover of this show and how much fun you're having. It's like getting to watch it for the first time myself, all over again!

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Child is so right. RayV would whine and holler and complain about how Fraser lived to humiliate him, but he'd always follow. He didn't question his place as Fraser's sidekick, he allowed Fraser to keep his facade of Mountie dignity and, generally, I think he was kinder to Fraser than RayK.

RayK's one big old needy nerve ending. He doesn't have a place so he keeps pushing at Fraser to make room for himself. It's kind of strange because Fraser's a guy who has absolutely nothing except his beliefs and the clothes he's standing in, but RayK wants a part of that, too. What's even more strange is that seems to be what Fraser needs.

I love RayK to bits, but I'll have to admit that it took me several episodes to warm up to him. So now I say to myself that RayK is Fraser's one true love, but RayV is Fraser's one true friend.

LOL! Child is so unbelievably fabulous. *G* Are you preparing yourself for the eventual day when he picks up on all the nuances and suddenly busts out with a comment like, "Hey Mom? You ever notice all these shows you like so much are like...totally homoerotic? What's up with that?"

*snicker* Making Fraser sad. So cute!

Hee! You're obsession got me to dig out my Due South tapes and start re-watching. Actually I think I really have to do this because I got a new 42" HDTV and really, it's like I've never watched Due South until I watch it on the bigger TV *cough - justification*

I also cannot believe you read through all of Cesperanza's Due South fic in...1 day?! Although, then again, yes I can now that I think of some of my obsessive fic read-a-thons (discovering Maygra's Fast & the Furious fanfic - I didn't sleep).

Kowalski. *sigh* I adore Kowalski. The man is so...so...there are no words.

i'd beta! is it about a ghost moose? because. i'm just saying.


i would also like to second the above re: fraser's emotions showing in a presumably heterosexual situation.

Not moose, yet, sadly. That one will probably take a bit since I"m still learning the voices. Still interested? It's--well. Honestly, I don't know what it is, but it was fun.


gimme gimme. i just rewatched all 4 seasons, man, i'm totally open. zenarin at gmail dot com.

Sent through googledocs. If that doesn't work for you, I can send a word file when i get home.

In other news, Child hates Kowalski. "He's making Fraser sad," Child says, staring at me resentfully. "Vecchio was better."

*adores Child*

Also, RayK looks like a rat. He just does. That actor has very rodent-like features which is why I've never managed to sit through S3.


...now I need to find a way to subtly ask Child about that. Hmm.

I'm with Child - I don't get the RayK thing at all. I don't dislike him, I just wanted RayV back...

I shall join the chorus of Child is right.

In other news, Child hates Kowalski. "He's making Fraser sad," Child says, staring at me resentfully. "Vecchio was better."

ha! This was almost exactly what I said! I must admit I have a big soft spot for RayV, and spent a lot of time resentfully thinking that he was much kinder to Fraser (I love how he's so... respectful in Red). However! RayK has a charm not to be denied, and something about how he and Fraser clash seems to work for Fraser very well. I can never quite tell when they're guy-fighting or when they're fighting-fighting, though. A lot like Sheppard and McKay for me that way.

eventually Child will get more sophisticated and realize different people show their friendship/affection in different ways, but that the friendship/affection is still *there*. I'm from the "I love both Rays" camp, and think that RayV and RayK were both wonderful friends to Fraser, each in his own way devoted and utterly, fiercely loyal. If it's the fighting/arguing Child is worried about, you can point out that Fraser argues with Dief, too, yet Dief is still always Fraser's friend....

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