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my lunch is filled with vague not-hallucinations

Ghost moose. Good idea/bad idea?

Please don't--ask. I'm sleep deprived, at work today is the deadline for our test scripts for the program, and I seriously here thinking, ghost moose. Wandering Chicago. I don't think it's a mission of vengeance, but honestly, I didn't get any farther than saying it and starting a sentence using it before I realized that is completely insane. I think the real problem here is, I'm sublimating my desire for a pony.

I really need sleep. And I probably will not be getting it until Friday. OTOH, there is caramel coffee at work and that kind of makes the universe worthwhile.


Dead Letter Variations Challenge continues to run until August 31st. Any fandom, any type, any length, as many as you want, all rules are listed in the post, but basically this:

take a character.

kill him/her.

let him/her write one last letter. it can be to the world. it can be to a particular person. it can be to no one.

s/he's died, and this is all that remains.

And I accept variations on this; if you think your story fits, I am not going to argue the point. I'm just cheap and want fic, basically.

And...that's done. Going to go--work I think. Since I'm here and all.
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