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Okay, you know all that whimpering I do about stupid things like teeth and sleep and wips?

Forget it.

Every so often, fate balances, the world turns, manna falls from the sky, look, miracles! Right here!

Or, my check card WORKS.

See, short story--the credit union freezes new accounts for ten days. Extremely depressing, but also, I thought, philosophically, character building. It will teach me thriftiness and make me less resentful of not owning a BMW and a small Caribbean dictatorship. Er, I think. I get confused on what life lessons I'm supposed to learn from adversity.

But lo! I foraged on, moneyless, but almost worse, because the money was THERE. I could go online and see it in my account. I just couldn't touch it.

Until The Blessed Saturday, when I got my check card, looked at it thoughtfully, then said, I shall see if it works.

And it does.

I am the almsot-ashamed-but-not-really proud owner of new DVDs that I BOUGHT ON IMPULSE. That's right. I impulse shopped. I bought DVDs, toys for son, niece, future-step-niece, future-step-nephew, expensive and unnecessary hair care products, one fo which is RIGHT THIS MINUTE dyeing my hair a new and unnatural shade of red.

I bought--*breathes*--an MP3 player. Yes. One that I shall lug around and play constantly. One that is dorkily attached TO MY ARM right this moment (this is killing me), and I have wildly and without thought uploaded music to it at random and wandered around places singing while wearing a jacket to hide the player so people would think I was insane.

Ookay, so only one person, and okay, she didn't look at me, but you know, when someone is singing Dixie Chicks Travelling Soldier for no reason, off-key, while dogs howl, glass breaks, and children scream for the safety of their ears? Yes, she thought I was insane. Oh yes, she did.

I'm disgustingly gleeful.

Child went with sister to visit sister's future inlaws with FSN1 and FSN2 (step niece and nephew, it was getting kind of long to write that out), which was oh so cool, as I sat down, WITH PLAYER, using it gratuitiously (man, my battery bills are going to be high) and wrote. Just--wrote.

Finally, everything damn well *clicked*. None of this jogging around snippeting at multiple WiPs and giving myself a headache and being frustrated. No. Clickery everywhere. Zone type clickery.

And you know, I don't even care that if it sucks. Because, finally, rezoned. This is happiness.

zarah5 also made me intensely, disgustingly happy, as she posted Triangular. You should read this. It's beautiful, it's Zarah, and this, THIS is not subtle stalking, dammit. I forgot. *grins*

Mood? Good. Seriously, I'm watching for birds to start singing over my computer or something.

*singing Somewhere Out There off-key*
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