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due south - the hangover

*sprawled drunkenly across bed*

I have a Due South hangover. Actually, this reminds me of the time I was tripping in my best friend's not-boyfriend's dorm porch, where I had a long conversation with everyone regarding aspirin. It took several hours. There were also leaves involved and superhearing and later, a game of paintball with balls that had yellow tracks behind them. I also discovered that even knowing a wall existed was enough to set off my claustrophobia.

(weird. I was going somewhere with this. I have no idea where.)

In no particular order--I'm so not kidding, I feel wiped.

A.) Oh. *softly* So that's Kowalski.

I just had what appears to be an epiphany regarding Fraser's extremely narrow concept of who he's willing to become obsessed with. Wow. I--really did think people were exaggerating? But apparently no, no, you were not.

Jesus. Kowalski. I--no, later, when I don't feel vaguely drunk and blank eyed. Jesus.

B.) Season two--wow.

C.) Season three--Jesus Christ

D.) Season four or part two of season three--what the fuck? Really. Really?

E.) No, seriously. I'm in some kind of glowy post-finale--really? Seriously. Oh my God--and I seriously keep forgetting how to type.

Oh my God. Kowalski.

...okay, I'm sorry, but I was emotionally fragile after Victoria and now there's all this--I mean. Okay, stopping now before I forget English.

In further news, my first season discs were stolen by my mother, who has fallen hopelessly in love with Fraser and wants to marry him and have babies. I--nevermind. This is my family. She actually watched the first ep of season three first and got that terrifying fixated look that kind of told me I'll be rewatching everything again with her. I do not find this difficult to do, but I swore Child to silence (he who has stolen my season two discs) because if I had to cry through that, she's damn well going to have it hit her like a train. Family, share, blah blah blah. I am petty and vindictive and I'm going to cry again and that should be shared.

...I really feel like I hallucinated some of this. It's the weirdest sensation.

cesperanza -- I finished your webpage. Eventually I'll send feedback. That was--a lot of fic.
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