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pro novella rec - Moonshine by Moira Rogers

My internet access has been icky and I have been in a bad mood adn pretty much the one awesome thing in the universe is Fraser. Yes, it has been that kind of a weekend.

Moonshine by moirarogers - a friend sent me a copy to read, as the friend wrote it and just started e-publishing and I have a weakness like you would not believe for supernatural fantasy. And erotica. Yes, I'm sure you'd believe that part.

I'm torn; I don't want to spoil, but I do want to say what I liked about it. So below cut, very lightly.

Summary from the Cobblestone Press:
Claire is tired of pretending to be polite, docile...human. She wants to unleash the animal inside her, and she wants to do it with a man who can really handle her. Then she meets Lars, a dangerous, sexy alpha, in a smoky bar. They share some moonshine, a potent shifter aphrodisiac, and have blisteringly hot sex.

Their one night of intoxicated passion leaves her wanting more, but Lars isn't interested in a woman who can only let loose while under the influence. Claire must then decide whether she's ready--and willing--to truly embrace her wild side.

I don't think the summary really does justice to it, because this was just a fun, fun read. I liked how Claire was introduced a *lot*, and I like how the basic character and background were sketched so believably, and God help us all, well written pro erotica, which is so painfully rare that I get instant glee from just *reading* some. It's a fun, fast read (dear God do I wish I'd had this on the plane) and it's hot. And I like the relationship developed her and well, I cannot say this enough, not terrifying purple erotica. I seriously thought publishers didn't accept it unless it was unnerving and used weird euphemisms.

Some D/s-ish and well. Shapeshifter. I own my kinks totally.

Here is also a link to the author's website:

If the universe is fair, I will not keep having my connection fizzle when trying to read. Let us all send a special feeling of hope toward Road Runner.
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