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and then, the deluge

Coming briefly out of hibernation of low grade misery for two things:

1.) Fortunate Son by astolat, AIRPS, DC & DA, gen, okay, seriously, I am now insisting on official codes be announced by someone, somewhere, that everyone obeys. I LIKE USING SINGLE OR DOUBLE LETTERS PEOPLE. Whole names != zen.

Also, so adorable and involves my sixth greatest fear, air travel. Yes, I do have a list. No, I will not share. Just--there are reasons I am to a.) be extremely sleep deprived or b.) have dental work before getting on a plane. All of them involve flames. I did not even start to twitch. Read now, plz.

2.) Due South, first season, third disc, with second season arriving today. In a variety of ways, I really want Fraser's boots. I want him while in them, too, but I seriously seriously want those boots. They're amazing! They protect the leg from mud, you can run in them easily, and they clean up fast. How the hell do we not have some of those.

How the hell does he run like that for ten million miles?

Also, RayV's (did I write that correctly?) "I have a total mancrush on this hot mountie" could not be more obvious if he gave it out as a card. I bet he does. Luckily, he doesn't have to all that often. Fraser's obliviousness to women actually beats Sheppard's. I honestly believe that if they were the last two people on earth and were both given sex pollen causing uncontrollable lust and locked in a small, comfortable room with two beds, they would still somehow not have sex on the strength of sheer obliviousness. That's--that's impressive.

They might not even get off. They'd worry it wasn't polite. Well, Fraser would. Sheppard would contemplate having to bare skin in front of other human beings and find this deeply traumatic or something.

I'm really tempted to do an episode by episode reaction post, but a lot of it is my absolute amazement that these are some of the most cliched plots ever and they are still utterly transfixing and feel completely new every damn time.

3.) Random Note: Child started watching and was pissed when I told him there were only three seasons. He's three episodes behind me; he was up until God knows when last night finishing the second disc. I've decided to save me and him some time, I'm going to auction him off to anyone who has a child of the vaguely appropriate age for a betrothal. His dowry will include four gamestations (by that time, I will have a Wii and X-Box and every game console ever), a laptop, a desktop, and a metric ton of dinosaur books, books on robotics, books on genetic engineering, books on snakes, and a terrifying predilection for waking me up to ask seriously if he cloned a small herbivore, if that would be okay to keep.

Have raised alert to Orange for the backyard. I saw him digging a hole and then quickly covering it up again. So freaking do not want to know, you have no idea.
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