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*glee* I have Due South season one! It was on sale! And leaped into my hands! IN that way I had to dig through Frye's shelves to find it.

...also, anyone in Austin, something oddly bizarre is happening at the Half Priced Books on North Lamar (the one near Central Market and by Goodwill, wait, is that Guadalupe?). It looks like a sale, with all sci-fi books up for three dollars and etc. I'm nervous. *chews nail* Also, weridly, big sealed grab bag boxes of movies for twenty but I'm not sure if that's for today or not. I'm not sure what was up with that. If anyone finds out, do tell.

Also, someone made off with a ton of Mercedes Lackey. I have never seen a shelf *stripped* before, uh, well, I have, but that's usually me doing it, so it was disconcerting. I suddenly want to re-read The Black Gryphon.

Got 28 Days Later and Lost Boys and Grease in the *cutest* leather slipcover. The first two for Child, the third for mom. Life nice. Still want the Black and Silver Gryphon though. Seriously. What the hell?

ALSO--got the super awesome Twilight messenger bag from karenhealey and it is so super awesome. It says Twilight on it~! IT IS AWESOME!

Also, for those in Austin currently:

Half-Priced Books near Central Market Has - OZ, Season One, Nip/Tuck, at least two separate seasons (saw four boxed sets while sorting), Slings and Arrows (no idea what season), 24 (several seasons), dammit, there was something else that made me think hmm. Oh! Roswell. At least two boxed sets, one without a box, not sure of the season.

Frye's currently has Due South season one at 19.99, wide screen edition, and has all three seasons (not sure if their three is also four or not).
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