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children of dune - leto 1
*glee* I have Due South season one! It was on sale! And leaped into my hands! IN that way I had to dig through Frye's shelves to find it.

...also, anyone in Austin, something oddly bizarre is happening at the Half Priced Books on North Lamar (the one near Central Market and by Goodwill, wait, is that Guadalupe?). It looks like a sale, with all sci-fi books up for three dollars and etc. I'm nervous. *chews nail* Also, weridly, big sealed grab bag boxes of movies for twenty but I'm not sure if that's for today or not. I'm not sure what was up with that. If anyone finds out, do tell.

Also, someone made off with a ton of Mercedes Lackey. I have never seen a shelf *stripped* before, uh, well, I have, but that's usually me doing it, so it was disconcerting. I suddenly want to re-read The Black Gryphon.

Got 28 Days Later and Lost Boys and Grease in the *cutest* leather slipcover. The first two for Child, the third for mom. Life nice. Still want the Black and Silver Gryphon though. Seriously. What the hell?

ALSO--got the super awesome Twilight messenger bag from karenhealey and it is so super awesome. It says Twilight on it~! IT IS AWESOME!

Also, for those in Austin currently:

Half-Priced Books near Central Market Has - OZ, Season One, Nip/Tuck, at least two separate seasons (saw four boxed sets while sorting), Slings and Arrows (no idea what season), 24 (several seasons), dammit, there was something else that made me think hmm. Oh! Roswell. At least two boxed sets, one without a box, not sure of the season.

Frye's currently has Due South season one at 19.99, wide screen edition, and has all three seasons (not sure if their three is also four or not).

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DUE SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And yes, there are three DVDs for the four seasons, as seasons three and four were considerably shorter. Also, despite the cover showing David Marciano on the "season three" packaging, inside really, truly are the Callum Keith Rennie episodes. Also, also, you really, really want seasons two and three. Two for the priceless ep with Paul Gross in drag--OMG PRIIIITTTTYYY! Plus the ep with Amanda Tapping working on the secret US military base with UFOs and aliens. SRSLY. And season three, of course, for CKR.)


As for the number of seasons, WATCH which DVDs you pick up and check teh number of episodes to tell if it's the full Canadian 3/4 or just 3 or 4. If there's french on it then odds are it's the smaller seasons. Call of the Wild is the series finale and on the Canadian version of season 3 it ends with Mounty on the Bounty.

The main advantage of the Canadian 4 box series is that the quality of the video is better. On the other hand, it weirdly has the movie pilot in with the third season.

I *think* that the 1/2 Priced thing was Scott McClellan? Could be wrong but that is the rumor that I heard.

Yay, it got there! Enjoy!

Seriously weird, dude. O.O I went to Borders yesterday, and bought the entire collection for $39. I've been mainlining season 3 all day. ^o^ So lovely.

Yay! Black Gryphon! It's one of my favorite Lackey books.

Yay about Due South too, even though I haven't seen it yet. *hides* I'm working on it! In my own defense, it came out when I was like 15 and wasn't spending much time at home watching TV. I remember my mum loved it and I saw a few episodes with her.

I think I'm gonna take the plunge and just buy it with the next paycheck. I keep trying to get it from the Boy's Blockbuster-video-thing, but it's always out. *pouts*

They just recently released Due South Ultimate Collection which has all the episodes in one release. I ordered mine but I haven't gotten it yet so I can't speak to the quality of video or packaging. At DeepDiscount it's $26.99 which can be better than buying the DVDs separately. Until June 29th you can use the code DVDTALK at checkout and get 20% off the $26.99. It comes to something like $22 for the set.

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