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movies: they are coming

I have a weakness, and this will totally come as a shock, for movies that embody the concept of finding hope.

So I am ridiculously excited about Henry Poole Is Here and not just because I've loved this actor since he was a vampire in X-Files.

It's done in drama a lot, that search for meaning or finding self, but to be honest, it's done best in comedy, where the ridiculousness isn't whitewashed, since the entire *point* is the ridiculous, that part of human experience that makes no sense and follows no boundaries and kind of catches you out of nowhere. I have no idea if this will live up to expectations, but I got misty while watching the trailer and giggled helplessly, so there we go. Added to the list that so far is:

1.) Hancock (this could be the worst movie ever and I still know I'll love it)
2.) X-Files (may salted slugs crawl up Chris Carter's shorts to die, thank you synecdochic, my insults are now strange and creative these days)
3.) Henry Poole Is Here
4.) Twilight (oh please, like half of you havent' watched the trailer and went guh.)

I'm wary on The Last Mistress and Brideshead Revisited. Cynical works for me only up to a point; It's like Requiem for a Dream. If I want to be depressed, I can watch the news. Or subscribe to Rush Limbaugh, you know?

Anyone looking forward to anything else? I'm curious.

ETA: I forgot:

5.) Dark Knight (I'm wary, though)
6.) Iron Man
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