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The Toybox

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movies: they are coming
children of dune - leto 1
I have a weakness, and this will totally come as a shock, for movies that embody the concept of finding hope.

So I am ridiculously excited about Henry Poole Is Here and not just because I've loved this actor since he was a vampire in X-Files.

It's done in drama a lot, that search for meaning or finding self, but to be honest, it's done best in comedy, where the ridiculousness isn't whitewashed, since the entire *point* is the ridiculous, that part of human experience that makes no sense and follows no boundaries and kind of catches you out of nowhere. I have no idea if this will live up to expectations, but I got misty while watching the trailer and giggled helplessly, so there we go. Added to the list that so far is:

1.) Hancock (this could be the worst movie ever and I still know I'll love it)
2.) X-Files (may salted slugs crawl up Chris Carter's shorts to die, thank you synecdochic, my insults are now strange and creative these days)
3.) Henry Poole Is Here
4.) Twilight (oh please, like half of you havent' watched the trailer and went guh.)

I'm wary on The Last Mistress and Brideshead Revisited. Cynical works for me only up to a point; It's like Requiem for a Dream. If I want to be depressed, I can watch the news. Or subscribe to Rush Limbaugh, you know?

Anyone looking forward to anything else? I'm curious.

ETA: I forgot:

5.) Dark Knight (I'm wary, though)
6.) Iron Man

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Batman: Dark Knight
Hellboy 2

and I know I'm forgetting one.

I forgot Batman and Iron Mna. Darn it.

*heh* I was curious why they weren't on the list. Oh I haven't managed Narnia 2 either. I fail at being a fan. *hangs head* And there's STILL something I'm forgetting.

Madagascar 2!

You gus fail so hard: you forgot to list the movie of the year: Madagascar 2! In IMAX theaters! OMG!


*holding my breath until it's out. Preferably in an IMAX theater.*

Dark Knight will be AWESOME. *resolve face*

Journey to the Center of the Earth - will probably be awesomely awful. CANNOT WAIT.

The Mummy III.

The wall-e movie.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

This will be like watching the Core, where I contemplate writing to the producers and asking for my $8 and my two hours back.

Brendan Fraser.

I'm going to end up owning this on DVD. I can just tell.

Hmm, your argument is sound, and yet I am still having flashbacks. Decisions, decisions.

I will watch it first, and tell you.

*takes one for the team*

I am ridiculously looking forward to the Dragon Ball movie. Yeah, I know.

Luke Wilson did an amazing acting job in that X-Files episode, what with the two different POVs for the different halves of the story. A masterful ep, all the way around. Yeah, that's when I first noticed him, too.

And speaking of X-Files, the new movie's a must-see for me, as Callum Keith Rennie is guesting. (You know, if my Gillian Anderson crush weren't enough of a draw.)

::Is all happy:: to be able to emote over Luke Wilson's XFiles performance with someone who feels the same... I usually get this blank look...

Seriously, and especially since I've been watching XFiles on the SciFi channel, I've really wanted to see that episode again. I was so blown away by his ability to totally nail the dual POV's! :)

Otherwise, nothing to add for the movies =/

Have you seen the trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? I like the theatrical lighting quite a bit, and Cate Blanchett is always amazing...but not so sure about the movie on the whole.

Then there's Wanted... What? I'm easily seduced by guns and explosions and action, no matter how cheesy and overdone and unrealistic. Call me shallow!

And Wall•E...well, I'm an arts student. Obviously I'm gonna fall for Pixar eye candy every time. Heh.

I'm not so sure about City of Ember yet. It looks a bit too junky and hokey, regardless of the context.

Aaand I want to see the Hulk reboot. I have heard good things, and I was happy with what Marvel did with Iron Man, so surely they'll have reclaimed Hulk properly.

1) Iron Man because I will watch (almost) anything for Robert Downey, Jr. plus fandom seems to love this movie.
2) Wanted because I will watch (almost) anything for James McAvoy plus there's big guns and explosions.
3) WALL*E because the robot is so cute. Have you seen the trailers? Aww.
4) The Dark Knight although I don't know if I can. I bought Brokeback Mountain a week before Ledger died and I still haven't been able to make myself watch it.
5) And despite the fact that every time I see Chris Carter's name I start to grind my teeth wild horses cannot keep me away from The X-Files movie.

I went to see "The Happening" last night and it was an awful, awful movie BUT it did show the X-files trailer and I suprised myself by how excited it made me.

Wall-e (so cute!)

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (yay! John Hannah! Maria Bello! What? She's kinda shiny.)

Hellboy II (is it just me that some of the critters look like Wraith-rip-offs?)

Journey to the Center of the Earth (which will totally illicit a rant from my more film-snob friends and, really, can there be enough Brendan Fraiser? *considers* Yeah, probably.)

Wanted (it looks fun! and, ya know, Mr. Tumnus)

Dark Knight (mostly because modius13 will whine until we go and see it, but continuing the tradition of Batman movies)

X-files, but, yeah, slugs and Chris Carter's knickers are appealing, though, after seeing the SG-1 episode "Uninvited" it takes on new and interesting possibilities.

Twilight *is ashamed* But, it seems like its Vampire Diaries without the lucid plot!

Oddly, there are a lot of movies out right now that I want/kinda want to see and a bunch that are going to be coming out that I want to see. This hasn't happened in a long time. Usually, it's "meh, I'll wait 'til it comes out on cable/video", but I think they've his all my long-time likes this year. \o/


It's not just you.

Oh thank the gods! I was really worried it was me. Part of me is expecting them to be named Oberon and Titania even though I looked it up on imdb.com and know better.

1) Wall-E. I can't help it, it looks adorable. I'm convinced I will leave that movie a puddle of goo.

2) Get Smart. I have to see at least one cheesy comedy of questionable quality this summer, and I don't think I could make it through The Love Guru

3)Hancock and the X-Files are also my must-sees, no matter what sort of reviews they get. (Well--I may not see Hancock if it gets bad reviews. X-Files, it could have 1/2 a star and reviewers throwing produce at the screen and my ass would still be in that seat July 25 at midnight)

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