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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's got to be genetics; there's no other logical explanation
children of dune - leto 1
Goddamn Chris Carter. I do not trust you. I do not believe you. I know you will fuck me over.

And I will watch anyway.

The meaning of fangirl: will watch even while holding a spork, buy even when hating the credit card bill, and love even when they totally screw it up.

I miss Mulder and Scully. I really want to see what happens next.

Seriously. Dammit.

I'll be here, aware of my enslavement and not even caring because Oh. My. God. X-Files. Hell and yes.
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Oooh yeah. If I can make the first showing, I am so there.

Bastard. The bastard.

(Deleted comment)

Except if they attempt to kiss and are interrupted I reserve the right to strangle someone.

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I knoooooow. Mulder! Scully!

Stupid Chris Carter. *scuffs shoes* Hmph.

*handflappingXDXDXDeeeeeeee* OMGOMGOMG

*ahem* X-Files, oh YES.

*keeps watching the trailers because I am glutton for punishment*


*watches again*

*watches again*

...I am so weak.

*comforts* We all are, honey.

I never watched X-Files when it was originally on... outside of a couple eps at the end of one season (don't remember which one).

I started watching last year. Was mainlining... then I got distracted by something midway through season 4, I think it was. Never got around to finishing. Weird.

I thought it was a keen show. And Mulder and Scully!

I even bought the Barbie and Ken dolls. Of course, I was seriously tempted by those when the came out, despite never having watched the show at the time.

So it's coming out soon, then. Dang. Probably not enough time to get through what I haven't seen...

You have time! It's only five seasons, times twenty five episodes, give or take, about one hundred twenty five, do five a day....

Wow. That would be a lot of watching.

*blank* I think that's what it looks like when you stare into the abyss, really.

i will resist.
i will resist.
i will resist.


{sigh} yeah, i'm right there with you.

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Yep. And lj entries after.


Absofuckinglutely. I want to buy my ticket today.

Oh, boy. I think if I just close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears and hum a bit I may be able to make it through the week without seeing it. Nargh, I just... that man made me distrust TV shows having resolutions worth the show they end. Also mythos X-files is my least favorite X-files... I much prefer quirky funny X-files. Tries hard to convince self. Sigh. =/


I want. *nodnodnod* He sucks us in.

dremiel and I are going, if you want local emotional support. ;-)

I very well might need it. *whimpers*

I am trying so hard to keep my expectations and excitement low so I won't be disappointed, but I am failing miserably. Damn it, Chris Carter. Just when I think I'm out...

It's like heroin. There is no detox. Recidivism is 100%. DOOMED.

(Deleted comment)
Yes. YES. It could.

*clings to hope*

I know, I know. I was so infuriated after the finale that I have never watched another show. OMG. But I'm so there, and he better deliver, dammit.

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