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con report: con.txt 2008

Home, alive, deeply less tired than I want to be. *sighs* However, my feet are up and the air conditioning is on and the world is more comfortable than it was a few hours ago.

I'm trying to organize my thoughts on the panels, but I'm not sure I'm going to get anywhere if I wait, so this will be short version and hopefully I'll get back to or link to better posts on the subjects later.

A.) Metafandom Hoardes by zvi_likes_tv and bethbethbeth

I liked this one for a ton of reasons, starting with the organization, the fact the moderators had their material down, and they hit a lot of practical advice that isn't very obvious. They covered the uses and abuses of freezing/screening, getting delinked from metafandom, and awareness of livejournal as an inevitable public space. It was also nice to get *all* the possibilities covered in a single session; sure, most of us use all the functions of LJ, but most of us don't think about them or even where they *are* when our meta just hit 200 with no names we recognize and a troll lurking. It was *good*. I made some reminders to myself to check out a few of the things to make sure I'm comfortable using them if and when metafandom comes and leaves destruction in its wake.

B.) The Art of the AU by mrshamill and gblvr

This was great. I liked how the moderators covered all the possibilities inherent in the AU and the reasons they both seem to show up a lot in some fandoms and don't in others. There were a lot of great suggestions on reasons people AU, what makes them work, what makes them not, and some great recs that I hope to get to read soon.

C.) John Sheppard by drlense and msronweasley

Okay, this one actually got me out of bed and into the shower, despite the fact that my calves were so tight when I woke up I couldn't get my heels to the floor at first. Ten minutes in the shower multitasking muscle relaxing with hot water and washing my hair did the trick and I only missed a few minutes. John Sheppard's name has that effect on me.

I had a great time seeing the various views of John, plus the awesome of an entire room of John Sheppard fans (high for like, three hours after that bit), along with great discussion on both JF's acting choices in taking John from a cookie-cutter Hero or Jack O'Neill rip-off and into a unique character that manages to stay consistent despite various weirdnesses in storyline and script. Plus, a room of squee! How cool is *that*? Both moderators were highly enthusiastic and energetic and the hour went by far too fast. I think it should be two hours. With acting out signficant scenes.

I totally own my preferences. *g*

d.) Dreamwidth by synecdochic

I'm leaving this one to a link when I find one for the discussion, because I can't possibly cover the awesome. Suffice to say, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. This is going to be amazing.

I'll add a link here when I get one.

e.) OTW by the_shoshanna and shrift

Wonderfully moderated panel with excellent question and answer session. Again, I'm deferring this one to a more thorough discussion, but honestly, I can't think of anything that didnt' make me more excited about the coming archive. It's going to be great, folks.

f.) Ethics in Pegasus by cjandre and molly_o

This was thinky. I need some time on this one. It was *very* interesting and I want to put together something coherent.


I'll do my panels a bit later; suffice to say, cmshaw was fantastic and amazingly knowledgeable on the ins and outs of DC canon (and what I wouldn't give for a panel one day just on DC or Marvel and the ins and outs); and like anyone didn't see *this* coming, hugely crushing on synecdochic for being pretty much awesome in all ways as well what I expected and very much nothing like it at all.

Same refrain: this was an amazing con. Being surrounded by so many smart women and acquaintances, the consweet being utterly perfect for both socializing, and, at least for me, decompressing every so often (people are so friendly!) and coffee--there was endless coffee and I cannot describe that awesome. So. Much. Coffee.

And I met *so many amazing people* and that's next post, too, as I am taking a muscle relaxant and thinking happy thoughts for a bit. More next post!
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