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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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funny story
john behind bars
About an hour ago, svmadelyn threw me out of the hotel room and told me not to return until I had smoked two cigarettes. There are several problems with this: a.) Madelyn has been trying to get me to quit smoking for-freaking-ever, b.) she rarely throws me out of the room and c. ) we are in a hotel room and not say, at home.

Funny story. Still in DC. My flight from DC to Atlanta was delayed too long to get the last connecting flight from Atlanta to Austin so I stayed in DC. And svmadelyn, whose flight was delayed for two hours, became concerned when I started laughing hysterically over the cell phone and changed flights so we both leave at seven tomorrow morning. This is why I am in indentured servitude for the rest of my life.

So. We are at a hotel. After a million calls to find one. And after getting here, our keys to our room didnt' work. Then only one key didnt' work. Then the room service was already closed. Then we have not yet stopped laughing because oh my God, of course this would happen. Of course. It had to. The trip went to well!!!!!

I want a.) room service b.) a pony c.) another massage from synecdochic (OH MY GOD) and d.) more con.txt. I have Coke, svmadelyn, and what appears to be Family Guy on TV. I do not know if this makes up for it.

[svmadelyn: I am totally enough.]

Short version of report, which both of us will expand on later: oh my God that was awesome. I did not want to leave. EVER. That was *awesome*. I cannot wait utnil 2010, because this was just amazing fun, and I seriously cannot explain how fantastic the panels were or how great the people were and how hot Fraser is in Due South.

...I feel that last part is a worrisome development, but then again, we are trapped in a hotel and svmadelyn also muttered something about tracking down episodes so what the hell.

Our lives are hard. Yes, I know, other people have it harder, but this is my pain and my pain is great.

Um, to everyone, hi! I will post interestingly later! After I get home. Assuming I ever do. In my life.

....seven o'clock in the morning. Also, I have no luggage. It is in Austin. I have no clean underwear. This cannot end well.

In short: Con.Txt - EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE SHOULD GO TO THIS. My thanks to gblvr for a wonderfully run con and ducks and just everything, as well as the other coordinators who I swear I will thank by name when I get home and the hysteria ceases. (Also, Madelyn is reading this over my shoulder to make sure it's readable. Also, we have wireless. No, we have no room key, the shuttle does not run when we need to get to the hotel, but yes, we have freaking wireless. It was my first question when asking for a room. You see at least the hysteria did not affect my logical thinking skills.)

Yes. Um. See you all soon!

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Oh, dear. If I were there, I'd totally try to fix your feet and calves again. (Go see someone in Austin when you get home. I repeat: you should be getting massage at least once a month to deal with that, dammit!)

Wishing you better travel mojo. :P

Fraser is totally hot. Full stop.

And why does the key thing even surprise you, after the kajillion times we had to get new keys at Con.Txt? Does the toilet work? Because I wouldn't be shocked if a bitter hotel room poltergeist followed you to your new abode.

Was it the thunderstorms delaying flights? They were wicked fierce this afternoon.

Well, Madelyn doesn't need to track down eps, as I own them all. *beam*

I was seriously going to offer to work on that foot because ow, jesus, just looking at the swelling was hurting my ankles-which-already-hate-me. Syne is right, by the way, you should be seeing someone regularly for that.

When you get home, try icing with a cold pack for ten minutes, follow by warm pack for fifteen-twenty minutes. Warm, not hot. Cycle through that two or three times, you should see some reduction in swelling and pain.

I am very very sorry for your travel woes (are they magnetic swipe-card keys? 'Cause I can tell you from a behind-the-desk perspective, those things don't just frustrate the guests), but I have to say: oh my God, I TOTALLY ENDORSE you and Madelyn's discovery of Benton Fraser.


*Jayne crosses her fingers, eats all her vegetables, and PRAYS for dS to stick*



YOU HAVE TO WATCH due South! It is AWESOME. And the fandom is fantastic (welcoming! and polite!) and there is fantastic writing (do you like angst? because if so, there are a couple of episodes of canon that will BREAK YOU. And if you remain unbroken, then I have the fanfic that will either fix it or BREAK YOU FURTHER!!!) and awesome meta and also BOYS.

Because Fraser is the world's biggest woobie and his Rays are adorable in any configuration.

Yes! yes...OMG! Just the possibility of jennfic in dueSouth! Mmmn, Fraser & Ray K. But no branding! Well, maybe. Just a teensy bit.

Welcome back (I figure you will see this after you get home)! Both you and Mad were missed!

Fraser is hot, OMG yis. Fraser + RayK? Is spontaneous combustion.


Fraser is smoking. I'm sure we can find you episodes.

I'll second (or fifteenth) at this point the Due South love. I resisted for quite a while but the show is pretty much entirely awesome.

I hope you get home safely!


madelyn is a clever girl with many fine ideas. those ideas which concern benton fraser are clearly superior.

Yes. Due South. ♥

(Also, it was awesome to meet you!)

God, that was right here in DC and I missed it? I am such an idiot.

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