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leaving on a jet plane, nothing like the song

Flight leaves at 7 AM, cab will be here at 5:15, not panicking at all. Even though:

Reasons For Vague Unease
a.) shoes are still wet.
b.) clothes in dryer drying.
c.) clothes in washer washing.
d.) I have never flown Delta before and it scares me to try new things that hold my life in their hands.

Things I Cannot Find
1.) My sunglasses. So as to look cool when I walk in, see someone I know, and fall over something.
2.) Something for Disco. I guess the red dress. I seriously was going to go shopping and look, and then I didn't. But it is pretty and God knows it should get some wear.
3.) Bourne Identity to make svmadelyn watch it with me.

Things I Need to Pack
i. clothes from above.
ii. laptop and accessories.
iii. something else I know I forgot.
iv. toothpaste and toothbrush.

Okay, see, the thing is, flying has been slowly but steadily moving into a worry of some kind. Intellectually, blah blah blah, but the reptile brain is not amused. Taking Nintendo DS with brand new annoying Sudoku game, a book, a blanket, and absolutely no sleep in hopes one of the four will help. The fifth choice is to take my ritalin directly before the flight, which is still the weirdest effect I can imagine, but it completely and utterly calms down anxiety and panic like magic. It also helps me sleep, which granted, *does* make sense. I think it's the hamster in a wheel thing that my brain tends to get into. Focusing makes pretty much everything easier to deal with.

(Have not tested this on claustrophobia. I read a *story* about *spelunking* and started breathing too hard. That, my friends, is worrisome.)

So yes, find this weird. I always wonder now if I'd taken amphetamines in college, I'd be passed out in like, ten minutes, blissfully dreaming.

Okay, so probably my last post before I leave for con.txt. So, um--okay, right, the freaking hotel is wireless, I'm a junkie, I will be checking my email surreptitiously between panels or something. But! If a fanwar breaks out, send me links! So as it will be easier to find.

I'm so bad at this traveling thing. So bad.
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