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weird lj comment thing
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, is anyone besides me having weirdish lj comments issues? They're timestamped correctly but they come in clusters of a few instead of when posted?

I'm beginning to wonder if this is lj or my email being odd. It's done that before with email in general.

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I'm not getting notice of LJ comments - for the most part. I get some,but they do seem to come in clusters.

I'm missing--a few, I think? At least this weekend there were some losses--but the clustering thing is odd. I keep having visions of the server clutching them and mocking while i hit refresh or something.

I get most of my comments twice.

LJ giveth and LJ to some giveth *TOO MUCH*.

Hmm. I wonder if traffic make sa difference.

I got four at one time, and they were posted over a two-hour time period.

Like a four-leaf clover! GLEE!

Well, I hadn't thought about it that way...but yeah! :)

Not getting LJ notices, I'm afraid. Maybe one or two, and then big clumps of them all at once, and then nothing again. Internal issues again on LJ's part, I'll bet.

have you checked livejournal.com/inbox ?

I've gone a couple days without getting comments, then get the same comment twice. It's weird.

lala, they dont come at all, and then they come in clusters.
and some , i dont receive at all, until i go back, and see someone replied to me.
ahh, the mishaps of non-communication :D

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