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sgarec - teacher's pet 11 by miss porcupine
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so.

Almost two years ago, I asked miss_porcupine to write a fic from the pov of the military side of Atlantis, since that was my weakness and to get John through his unfortunate period of not-adult, he'd need it. And blah blah blah a while later (over a year, say), she blew my mind.

Teacher's Pet 11 by miss_porcupine, Evan Lorne, John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagen, Ronon Dex, etc, gen, 19,000 words of awesome.

It's--actually, it's kind of unbelievably good. I literally hounded for updates, utterly amazed at the detail she put into Lorne, into John, and into all the things they have to do to get John ready for his life. It's amazingly thorough, brilliantly written, and everything, everything I wanted and pretty much everything there is no possible way I could have written myself. And better, it's just a fantastic story.

I love how Lorne's seen the team, Weir, how he marks out all the things that are still going wrong and tries to work out how to fix them, and his utter desperation in fighting for Sheppard's future as well as his past. It's remarkable, and it's logical, and it's sympathetic to pretty much everyone, and I'm still not entirely able to really express how this obsessed me and that I really, really felt I had to finish Teacher's Pet because this had to be read and appreciated.

I just--I just love it. It's amazing.

Read now. This is pretty much the epitome of what wonderful, complex writing and characters are.

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Adfgva;dfkhva;ekrfhgvadkfjv!!!11!! Are you kidding me!? I FLOVE her stuff, and now you're telling me that she's written this? *glee*


I loved this (and commented there too), but now I'm even more anxious to see if how John and Rodney's friendship survives this.

*g* I'm looking forward to that part m'self.

Eee! Thanks for the link -- that was awe-inspiring.

My first reaction was utter shock and basically *stalking* googledocs adn watching for updates. I ended up rewriting some parts of my story around hers because she nailed it so perfectly.

I'm still ridiculously in love with it, both the point of view and the scope it covered.

This was phenomenal and something I can so easily see Lorne doing, not only for Atlantis, but for Sheppard. Because Sheppard is Atlantis.

What I can't believe is that there is NO MORE TEACHER'S PET STORIES!

I had really hoped this one would end with Sheppard taking his rightful place as CO and was curious as hell about how he integrated his memories with his second childhood/training. It's been emphasized throughout the series that he is basically a native of Pegasus now, a child of Atlantis and I'd really been looking forward to seeing the end result of it all.

Really this was so damn excellent and I love Lorne even more because he faced down Sheppard's friends and won. Thanks to you and seperis for writing such a great series of stories.

(I just wanted to copy my comment here for posterity and to let you know how much I've loved this series.)

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