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gloomy monday, sort of

Child missed only one per section on his TAAS (or whatever they call it these days) and achieved A-B Honor Roll (we called it the Merit Roll. Weird). So he got a new game and has been nagging pretty thoroughly.

So I got the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures which is just deeply awesome. My role was more observational than say, playing, because Child is wily and I was tired. But watching was deeply cool. So I need to get a second controller for him real soon now. So I can play.

In other news, I deeply resent Wii is just everywhere now that I have a Playstation and get bitter that Playstation's games are not as good. I mean, I will say it. They are not as awesome. Which means I really want a Wii, adn which means, one way or another, Christmas comes with a console that I can play that has fun games. My DS has better games and that is saying something.

Okay, actually, it's pretty cool. Also picked up Sudoku Platinum. So far, I'm not impressed, but that's because the graphics are a lot better in Brain Age and don't make the grid so small. Not so much with platinum, sorry to say, but I got it used, so that's something. I assume I'll get used to it eventually and not care, but dammit, I want cake for to eat it, so that cake and eating it too thing is peeving me highly. Who gets cake and doesn't eat it? No sense at all.

I also want Tetris, but apparently, the most awesome game ever invented is just too damn hard to keep manufacturing or something. Gah.

My whining, it is legion. I also want new shoes. So there.
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