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gloomy monday, sort of
another frog
Child missed only one per section on his TAAS (or whatever they call it these days) and achieved A-B Honor Roll (we called it the Merit Roll. Weird). So he got a new game and has been nagging pretty thoroughly.

So I got the LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures which is just deeply awesome. My role was more observational than say, playing, because Child is wily and I was tired. But watching was deeply cool. So I need to get a second controller for him real soon now. So I can play.

In other news, I deeply resent Wii is just everywhere now that I have a Playstation and get bitter that Playstation's games are not as good. I mean, I will say it. They are not as awesome. Which means I really want a Wii, adn which means, one way or another, Christmas comes with a console that I can play that has fun games. My DS has better games and that is saying something.

Okay, actually, it's pretty cool. Also picked up Sudoku Platinum. So far, I'm not impressed, but that's because the graphics are a lot better in Brain Age and don't make the grid so small. Not so much with platinum, sorry to say, but I got it used, so that's something. I assume I'll get used to it eventually and not care, but dammit, I want cake for to eat it, so that cake and eating it too thing is peeving me highly. Who gets cake and doesn't eat it? No sense at all.

I also want Tetris, but apparently, the most awesome game ever invented is just too damn hard to keep manufacturing or something. Gah.

My whining, it is legion. I also want new shoes. So there.

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they are not as awesome.

Total lie. The Final Fantasy games are truly awesome -- *my mother* became fascinated with the character development and plot of FF12 when she visited over Xmas. And the visuals are *astounding*, truly worth looking at for their own sake, not just as obstacles in a game.

Kingdom Hearts is also pretty cool, if you can wrap your brain around Goofy & Donald (which frankly is a lot of trouble for me).

I played Final Fantasy, but I never did get into it. It's not a game that's easy to walk away from for a day or three and come back to. And that three months I played Final Fantasy VII was fun, but also, irritating that if I missed a few days, it took a bit to get oriented again.

Granted, I need to add that to Child's list. He really wants Grand Theft Auto IV and it's wrong to laugh hysterically at one's child. That and Call of Duty IV, which he plays at my ex-bil's house. Which, eh.

Yeah, we got a PS3, and the games aren't great. Where are all the pretty, sparkly games I see on adverts for other consoles? No fair. I like Lego Star Wars, and I like Portal and that is about it. And Portal is playable on the PC anyway.

Portal? *marks down*

MTV Rockband is *awesome*, but that requires set-up and a couple of people to play along with. I was getting game envy at GameStop when looking at the Wii section. The only thing that is really restraiing me from a Wii is that I have heard this could be considered spoiling Child to have many game consoles.

....I'm becoming less convinced the more I see Wii games I want to play.

OKAMI (the coolest game I have ever seen) is available for Playstation and Wii.

(seriously, you play a goddess/guardian spirit. You -paint- your way across a very stylized japanese-ish landscape.)

It isn't Tetris but it is cool.

OOh. *marks down as well* Now that sounds interesting.

Guitar Hero FTW! \o/

Guitar Hero!!

(Also, Final Fantasy X is amazing.)

FFX & X.2 are both amazing, but FF12 just blows the top off. Having gotten used to the visuals, characters, & plots for the Square Enix games, the Wii looks stale, flat and unprofitable to me.

(Deleted comment)
Rudely jumping in to say that Rockband for the Wii is coming out (USA) June 22....plus Guitar Hero 4 is gonna have drums too but not sure when it's coming out and for what platforms.

I have been playing Indie lego for the past THREE DAYS non stop, and oh, God, the fun! Indie's snake phobia made me laugh for a straight ten minutes, no lie. I fail at cool.

Also, I kind of agree with you about the PS3. Wii is good, to, but the best console right now? XBox 360. There are so many awesome games for it (Bioshock! The Darkness! Assassins Creed!), and, y'know, XBox Live. Wee!

Do you have a PS2 or a PS3? If the former, you must acquire Katamari Damacy and/or We HEART Katamari Damacy. Seriously. (I don't know if it would work on a PS3, as I don't have one.)

My 3.5 year old calls it the "Sticky Bubblegum Ball Game", not that he can play it all that well, but he loves to watch.

They are the pinnacle of cracked-out Japanese mayhem. I don't know if you can buy them new anymore, but they're definitely worth the search.

All the previous Playstation games play on the PS3, and you don't even need their memory cards -- you can section off part of the PS3's hard drive to act as a PS1 or PS2 memory card.

LEGO Indiana Jones? O.O Curse my stupid motion sickness. I loved the LEGO Star Wars games but I can't play them anymore and it seems a bit silly taking Dramamine for playing video games.

I could have sworn my boys found a DS version of Tetris - it was on a mixed games thingy with that as one of the options. Maybe it was an earlier version that also played on the DS with its many slots? Not sure as I never got as addicted to it as they currently are (won't put them down to save their lives, leading to at least one memorable threat of tossing it into the street for the neighbors to run over if they didn't get to the dinner table now). I can check and see tonight if you want.

Also, with you on the shoes. They fit in the store, why don't they now? Also, sandals. They are needed. Especially the kind you can wear to work. And I'm not a shoe person, really, at least I never used to be...

It's out there, but not being manufactured, so it's hard to find. *depressed*

... do you want a DS version of Tetris?

My parents gave me and my husband a Wii and Super Mario Galaxy for Christmas. I LOVE IT TO DEATH! Especially the Wii Ware, where you can buy points and use them to get old games from past systems, and just recently they've begun adding original games and Tetris is going to be released sometime soon through it.

I can email you an .exe file for Tetris, if you want to play on your computer. Lovely falling blocks.

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