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dump cake - the food of the gods
children of dune - leto 1
Dump cake with brownie mix == INSPIRED.

For those few who are not aware of dump cake the single most awesome food ever invented:

1 box brownie mix
1 can cherry pie mix
1 can chopped pineapple
1 stick butter

Dump fruit in pan. Mix casually. Dump mix on top. Cut butter into slices*, place on top of mix**. 350 at fifty-five minutes. Eat.

*Minimum eight slices by tablespoon, but I did it to fifteen, and I'd recommend more than that and spread over the whole surface. It's dump cake. If you do it twice the same way, you are doing it wrong.

**also can melt butter and pour on top.

Any other variations anyone uses? I am very into the brownie topping.

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I hear blueberry muffin mix is also good.

I'm now tempted to find all boxed powder desserts and do a running Dump Dessert experiment line. That sounds *good*.

(Deleted comment)
No, no prep, just dump the powder. The fruit boils into the bottom and the butter on top creates a delicious non-powdery crust on top that's kind fo like mainlining chocolate. The butter in slices carefully spread and the fruit pretty much do the trick. Until I made one, I didn't believe it would work either and was actually weirded out when it did.

God. Cherry pie mix and brownies sounds *goooood*.

MMmmm, I think I'm going to try this today. Do you have suggestions for something to substitute for the cherry pie mix?

(dumb question: by cherry pie mix you do mean the cherry and goo filling, right? And I can use an 8x13 inch pan? Can you tell I don't know how to cook?)

Thanks for the recipe!

*grin* There are *lots* of possible suggestions. Mine would be canned fruit in syrup, as per this recipe:


I think just about anything gooey will work here.

Yay for gooey! I am making it right now with strawberry pie filling, and I plan to serve it to my book club tonight.

OH MY GOD, this sounds brilliant. I have got to try it out sometime this week. Mmmm, cheery pie filling and browniies would be awesome together.

... and I screwed up the HTML. Too much work today has clearly scrambled my brains. Oops.

sounds delicious. but...cherry pie mix? I haven't seen that. I've seen canned and/or frozen cherry pie filling. is that the same thing, or is there some boxed/powder/mix stuff I haven't run into?

Cherry pie filling, rather.

okay, thanks!

it sounds really, really, good, and I'm just barely preventing myself from going out to buy the ingredients right now (except for the canned pineapple. that, oddly, is already sitting in the pantry.)

I have a variant that calls for apple pie filling, cranberries, and a yellow cake mix. It is of the yum. (Though I must say, the peach cobbler mentioned above sounds yummy, too.)

Ooooh! I've never had dump cake with brownie mix. We always use yellow cake mix.

My grandmother did something similar as a peach cobbler variant -- instead of the woven pastry crust on top, she had yellow cake mix making a sort of crumble topping. I don't even like peaches (prefer her blackberry cobbler), but it was damned good.

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