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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so fandom is energetic, yes?
children of dune - leto 1
...so I take it fannish hot topics are something people maybe think about once in a while, eh?

Reading the responses is sometimes like living the old flamewar, but in that way where you kind of want to call up that person you called a cocksucking whore and say 'Oh my God, do you remember when I called you a cocksucking whore because you liked James Potter more than Snape? CRAZEE!" And you know, laugh.

The really hard part is, I see at least ten things I suddenly, violently want to do meta on and can't.

Something I actually have had a half-assed desire to do is organize meta. Yes, I know there are people doing this, but something closer to del.icio.us, but with better summaries and a group of pre-created tags to use as well as more specific ones.

To put this on the table; I am anal and not overly fond of change. The header I use on my fic is very similar to the first header I learned to do in alt.startrek.creative. It's had some changes with time, fandom, and laziness, but the basic format hasn't left me, just like some habits created in non-livejournal space haven't either. Tagging is one of those things that make me ridiculously excited on a wide variety of levels. What drives me nuts is the inconsistency. When searching del.icio.us, we indulge our conformity with wild and crazy leaps of individuality--HA EVERYONE IS DOING RONON/TEYLA BUT I SHALL CALL THEM EMMAGEN/DEX which when you are in the middle of trying to find every Teyla story out there, is like waving a red flag.

And totally own it up--who doesn't want to be the inventor of the Next Awesome ACRONYM?

In any case, if you missed my appeal last night or still have a Hot Fandom Topic to add, please go here so Syne and I can add it to the list. For those of you who have, thank you very much. It's been fascinating reading.

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Oh god yes, really organized del.icio.us tagging for the motherfucking win! If I weren't so backlogged trying to tag the stuff I've read recently, I would be tempted to direct you to mine to see the awesomeness of my anal-retentiveness.

*laughs* I know the feeling. I decided to index my webpage and fic in one and--wow. Gah. I'm doing the same with my recs del.icio.us, but I have that privatized, but I was getting *deeply* anal and kind of scaring myself with the tagging.

Oh god, how embarrassing. I thought I was limiting myself, and when mine posted, it was like a fricking BOOK. *hides face from internets in shame*

LOL, I tend to be an observer and not a participant in most things, and I guess I had a few things I needed to share. *g* The other fandom I actively participate in is very small, and I know *way* too much about the actual crazy shit that people do. (Though most of the people are wonderful, truly). Apparently it has been building up...

The greatest linguistic invention out of any fandom ever must be Snupin. It's like Snoopy, but with snarky buttfucking.

What I find amazing is that, as of when I looked at the comments, no one was trying to attack anyone else. It was just people presenting hot topics without getting preachy or aggressive about them. I love that yes, we can all be adults about these things, even though they obviously push our buttons.

Consistency in tagging is a tricky business. I guess the reason I decided to go with Emmagen & Dex is that I wanted to be internally consistent with my McKay and Shepard tags. :) I am sorry if it irritates people, though.

*heh* I doubt it. I keep a runnign mental list of the tag variations. Every search is an adventure!

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