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so fandom is energetic, yes? I take it fannish hot topics are something people maybe think about once in a while, eh?

Reading the responses is sometimes like living the old flamewar, but in that way where you kind of want to call up that person you called a cocksucking whore and say 'Oh my God, do you remember when I called you a cocksucking whore because you liked James Potter more than Snape? CRAZEE!" And you know, laugh.

The really hard part is, I see at least ten things I suddenly, violently want to do meta on and can't.

Something I actually have had a half-assed desire to do is organize meta. Yes, I know there are people doing this, but something closer to, but with better summaries and a group of pre-created tags to use as well as more specific ones.

To put this on the table; I am anal and not overly fond of change. The header I use on my fic is very similar to the first header I learned to do in alt.startrek.creative. It's had some changes with time, fandom, and laziness, but the basic format hasn't left me, just like some habits created in non-livejournal space haven't either. Tagging is one of those things that make me ridiculously excited on a wide variety of levels. What drives me nuts is the inconsistency. When searching, we indulge our conformity with wild and crazy leaps of individuality--HA EVERYONE IS DOING RONON/TEYLA BUT I SHALL CALL THEM EMMAGEN/DEX which when you are in the middle of trying to find every Teyla story out there, is like waving a red flag.

And totally own it up--who doesn't want to be the inventor of the Next Awesome ACRONYM?

In any case, if you missed my appeal last night or still have a Hot Fandom Topic to add, please go here so Syne and I can add it to the list. For those of you who have, thank you very much. It's been fascinating reading.
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