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assistance required - what pisses you off, really?

synecdochic and I are modding a panel at con.txt and--you know, let me paste.
So, seperis and I have been tapped to co-mod a panel at con.txt -- "Fannish Norms: Square Pegs Unite!" -- and we're going to take it in the direction of discussing what happens when you hold drastically differing opinions about hotbutton issues than the current zeitgeist of your fandom or fandom in general. We're looking to see if we can come up with a working model of how to handle "Unpopular Opinions" without it turning into wank in .03 seconds or less, and we're also going to discuss the Unwritten Rules that every fandom -- and fandom as a whole -- evolves. (Because man, the rules are complex and byzantine...)....

So we're looking for the hot button issues. If you have an opinion--heh, like that's something fangirls don't have, and very vocally, too--please jog over here to syne's lj and leave your thoughts on yaoi what you think are the big buttons in fandom. This is like an Unpopular Opinions Meme, but um, not so much. But you can number them. Everyone loves numbers.

Again. Right here.
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