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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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if only one's life goals were always so easily fulfilled
happy snail
A long time ago, around New York circa 2004, I came to a startling realization: svmadelyn is a much better trip person than I am. What this means is, I nod appropriately while she tells me where, what, and what sort of vehicle to go in (plane, usually, once a very large ship, some subways, a couple of buses, a few taxis, one ferry). Sometimes, I tell her what we are going on (a horse. She said I can't choose vehicle anymore. But it was very, very funny).

Sometimes, she asks me for feedback. I have no idea why. I have, however, learned this:

1.) Write "yes" in the chat window. Click enter.

2.) Highlight "yes" in chat window.

3.) Click on "copy".

4.) Paste whenever the pause has been more than one minute--that means she is waiting for an answer to something. Who knows what it could be.

(Sometimes, she asks tricky questions though. Like "do you want to crawl into a tiny tunnel?" Or "Mind if I take revenge for that horse from hell?" These should be 'no' questions.)

Today, thankfully, after a lot of passive-aggressive carefully neutral answers (so much harder than you think), finally:

svmadelyn: I wish to be totally clear.
svmadelyn: I can plan every minute of the dc trip
svmadelyn: and you do not care. right?
seperis: You go ahead and do that.
seperis: *content*
seperis: I'll preemptively yes

I officially no longer have to go through the effort of copy/paste. My life? Complete.

(But seriously, the horse thing was totally, totally worth it.)

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The question is, is she actually coming? or is she just planning? last I heard, she wasn't sure....

*crosses fingers*

Oh wow, I suddenly need to know about the horse from hell.

It was a very sweet graduation present when we did a fangirl cruise in the Bahamas last year. At the time, I was kind of cursing her name because I was stuck on the horse from hell (his name was Rocky, he didn't like, respond to commands, and it was hot and the helmets were dirty so I didn't want to wear one, and I kept envisioning like, falling to my death and then her getting to make the entry on it.) And everyone kept telling me to dig in harder and stuff, and if they would've just shut up, I could've forged a bond with the horse that didn't involve him trying to throw me off. Plus, they didn't really train him to...enjoy people, say.

Anyway, long sentence short, Rocky hated me, and I hated him, and the horse trainer guy kept being skeevy and saying weird things and he was kind of controlling the horse very, very inadequately, and I just wanted him to go away a lot. There was a lot of fantasizing about when it would end, and when I saw something that looked familiar, I went all: OH MY GOD, are we almost there! all happily. And the guy said it was about an hour away. I think the expression I made frightened him, because he quickly acknowledged that we were, in fact, nearly there.

But retrospectively, after the incredible pain wore off, I really did like the gift. Horses! In the Bahamas! We rode them in the ocean! Who gets to say their friend got them that? *grins*

I have scars on the back of my neck from your stare of a thousand deaths.

:Snerk: That's what I've been doing over the past few months with jaydeyn_sitari and the goddes! It came down to me sending e-mails to the pair of them listing available tours and dates, price-and-scheduling comparisons between forms of transport, and buying tickets for two or all three of us myself and then just having them PayPal me their own ticket costs. Because I can live with buying tickets for a train that leaves every hour when we actually arrive, but not having plane tickets and tour bookings and hostel reservations locked down months in advance gives me nightmares... (And after the trip in which I found out the hard way that Amtrak is a suckass way to travel through the US -- not least in that we wound up taking a taxi from Detroit to Lansing because we mistook one of the stops on the route for our stop, because they'd stuck us on a bus instead of a train by that leg of the trip and where we were stopped didn't actually have any signs telling us where the hell we were -- well, I have the benefit of a lot of educational experience when it comes to trip planning. To say nothing of being more familiar with British transport than the other two parties involved.)

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