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if only one's life goals were always so easily fulfilled

A long time ago, around New York circa 2004, I came to a startling realization: svmadelyn is a much better trip person than I am. What this means is, I nod appropriately while she tells me where, what, and what sort of vehicle to go in (plane, usually, once a very large ship, some subways, a couple of buses, a few taxis, one ferry). Sometimes, I tell her what we are going on (a horse. She said I can't choose vehicle anymore. But it was very, very funny).

Sometimes, she asks me for feedback. I have no idea why. I have, however, learned this:

1.) Write "yes" in the chat window. Click enter.

2.) Highlight "yes" in chat window.

3.) Click on "copy".

4.) Paste whenever the pause has been more than one minute--that means she is waiting for an answer to something. Who knows what it could be.

(Sometimes, she asks tricky questions though. Like "do you want to crawl into a tiny tunnel?" Or "Mind if I take revenge for that horse from hell?" These should be 'no' questions.)

Today, thankfully, after a lot of passive-aggressive carefully neutral answers (so much harder than you think), finally:

svmadelyn: I wish to be totally clear.
svmadelyn: I can plan every minute of the dc trip
svmadelyn: and you do not care. right?
seperis: You go ahead and do that.
seperis: *content*
seperis: I'll preemptively yes

I officially no longer have to go through the effort of copy/paste. My life? Complete.

(But seriously, the horse thing was totally, totally worth it.)
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