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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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legomymalfoy posted on the threat to her
children of dune - leto 1
Legomymalfoy posts about threat to her and her family

There is a lot I could say here and just can't quite find the words.

Corrected link. I have so many tabs. *sighs at them* For days now.

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Thanks for that, I wouldn't have known about her post otherwise :)

I found it off sf-drama in a link. I haven't seen it pop up anywhere else yet. *sighs* Universe == strange.

May I say that death threats over a LJ election is sick and surreal. I mean, come on it's livejournal, not the war in Iraq. Second, right before Memorial day I went to shut down Firefox and got the message "You are about to close 72 tabs. That was when I knew I had way too many tabs open.

*dies* I haven't had that many open--yet. But I am slowly escalating.

Hmm. Regarding election--someone said something I agreed with about it. The more influence a person feels they have over an election, the more invested they are in it. That makes sense to me.

That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life.

Fucking 4chan is possibly less stupid than livejournal right now.

*raises eyebrows in amusement*

"Credible threats" over an LJ election...well, we've had assault-and-battery-by-icon, so why not? ::shakes head:: Un-frickin'-believable.

Assault and battery by icon? WTF?

Based on my father's experience as the sr. pastor of a very large congregation, and my sister's experience as a minister of pastoral care at the same church, there is a certain population tipping point of an organization where the crazies start to come out of the woodwork.

I don't know whether it's safety in certain numbers or what, but my dad got his first death threat when his congregation hit about 5,000. And things escalated every couple of thousand members. He experienced the full range of weird, from the gently eccentric gentleman who, to boost Daddy's spirits, would call him and play him the harmonica to the guy who brought a gun into my father's office intending a murder/suicide. Luckily, one of the janitors spotted the gun as the man was getting out of the car and got my father out of the office on a pretext. They then locked the guy in the office until the police came.

Of course, churches tend to attract broken people, but somehow (and there's a study, I just can't put my finger on it) where the crazy people's comfort level rises to the point where they begin to act out. I am sure that there is a similar - or should be - study of the behavior of online communities. One troll for every couple hundred or so.

I'm so sorry Legomymalfoy has had the experience of this kind of insanity. It sounds like she's got some good support and is a strong person.

People are infinitely strange, Jenn. ::sigh:: I keep hoping we're all mostly good inherently.

I think they are. *thoughtful* I just think most have a relative value of good compared to themselves and their experiences.

Oh My God. That's not on, y'all. Not at all.

This entire thing has just gotten more and more ridiculous. And now death threats?!?! Is this job so important that the winner must wear a bullet-proof vest and have Secret Service protection?

Apparently so. I still have no words. Mostly just blankness.

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what her side of this was and I can't get how this has gotten so freaking weird.

It's been--yes, weird. Very, very weird.

Just. GAH.

I'm so sorry this has happened to her, but mostly I JUST WANT THIS TO BE OVER OMG.

Because it seems to bring out the worst in people and I want the internets to be about porn, dammit. Or maybe meta. Kittens are in there somewhere, certainly!


I can provide.

(God. One more day and this is over, right?)

I realize that I'm perhaps not as savvy as a lot of LJ users but I was still stunned when I had a trollish demand/attack made on one of my postings. All I'd done was state that I'd voted and noticed than one of the "trollish candidates" had advised his supporters to vote multiple times for him.

The troller demanded that I tell >her< where I'd heard such rumors about Jameth (and btw I'd never mentioned his name). It was with some irony that I posted that I'd read it at his own LJ.

Afterwards the LJ owner asked for no more discord on her site (and explained to me off LJ that she was regularly stalked by trolls).

It was definitely disquieting and startling to me. And I know better than to expect good behavior from anonymous humans.

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