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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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webpage update
awesome bunny
Updated webpage. Yes. More than once a year. V. exciting. The sad part is, I only went in to make a code fix. On one page.

Added Fic:

Always Summer (SGA, Sheppard/McKay)
As Wide As the Sky (SGA, Sheppard/McKay)
Stronger Than Time (SGA, John/Ronon)
And That's For Remembrance (SGA/The Bourne Trilogy, Sheppard/Bourne)
The World of Women (The Bourne Trilogy, Jason/Marie)

Update to Crimes Against Humanity Index:

Added Downtime by ladycat777 (Sheppard/McKay)
Updated Crimes Against Humanity to last posted parts from October. God. I will finish this in 2008, so help me God.
Added one pic by entropynchaos: Click here

Update to Teacher's Pet Index:

Added three pics by lee_fragilidad:
Pic One || Pic Two || Pic Three


Added one pic by fennegie for Eighteenish: Click here

And random maintenance and changing stuff around. Because I have a strong masochistic tendency, obviously.

....and my hands hurt. Gah.

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::sends ice for hands:: Poor bunny.

I didn't mean to do all that! *whimpers* But once I started, I couldn't stop in the middle!!!

*whimpers* I also redid the design on three of the story index pages. I feel like a junkie coming down now. But without the, you know, joy of having done the actual drugs.

I do stuff like that, which is, er, why my body is in the state it's in. I went out to the garden today with Jeff standing over me preventing me from weeding myself into a frenzy.

I got all excited about an addition to Teacher's Pet (and the recent appearance on my GoogleDocs list of updated files) and....

{/guilt trip}

Really, though, I'm all for additions to Crimes... and for more reasons just than that Lorne is equally capable as Wizard of Oz of Evil.

Yeah for updating! Please don't smack me for saying the links to the pictures don't work... I get a forbidden access error. Sorry. I just updated my own page, so I know get how annoying that can be. [hides]

Oh wow, I just read Always Summer after seeing this post(I don't know how I missed it so yay!), which is stunningly gorgeous, and then I realized it was a *remix*,which makes it even more amazing. I am totally taken with your vision of post-secession Atlantis with the fabrics and the measuring for boots and omg the pneumonia. Seriously, your writing is just - words fail at the beauty and depth of feeling.

Dare I hope you will ever post the ending to Landscape? I know that your Smallville muse is a bit dormant these days, but I've been kinda hanging around hoping that you would eventually give us a conclusion.

Edited at 2008-05-27 04:12 pm (UTC)

*hops on Rose_Ann's bandwagon* I just read this for the third time and it gutted me, AGAIN! If your sv muse is dead, could you, like just give us a hint how it ends? Cause I for one have no fricken' idea! And it's keeping up nights...seriously, I may have to start taking drugs or something - you have RUINED me for normal, everyday, widely available sv fanfic forever.

*goes off to read Always Summer and to fondle various WIPs on your webpage hopefully*

Just a heads up (since I know that after 5 minutes staring at code, it all starts to look the same). I went to read Shimmer, as linked on Always Summer, and the link for Shimmer is a link to Always Summer rather than Shimmer.

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