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movie: indiana jones and the crystal skulls

So took Child and Niece I to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls.

First, for those with small children; my niece is six. It's a solid adventure movie, and it doesn't reach Raiders of the Lost Ark's final scene or some of Temple of Doom's more intense bits, so if you're wondering, I think it was fine. She had a great time.

Okay, this I will say; it wasn't as good as the earlier ones, but Harrison Ford totally fucking brings it so I do not care. I worried this would be a Rocky IV nonsense, but this worked fine as an installment in the adventures and I had a good time watching.

It's a lot easier to talk about what I didn't like than what I did, because in general I liked it a lot; specifics I had problems with. But.l

Things I Liked

1.) The continuing adventures of Indiana in his freaking sixties still kicking ass and taking names. And I giggled helplessly at teh beginning when they pulled the first guy out, then they all went to intense focus when Indiana was pulled out. Yes, he's a badass. Yes, he's scary. Yes, I love him. Yes, it's not about strength, speed, or your ability to kick ass; it's being able to think and Indy can outthink anyone. I like action when it's as much intellectual as physical.

2.) Indy has a kid! I TOTALLY SAW THAT COMING so not a surprise, but I'll be honest. I like it.

3.) Now, tell me this; who blinked and thought, right, of course. So Stargate? Yes. I will kiss the person who writes me about Henry III chuckling at the stargate. Actually, and I'll be honest, canon for both universes would support a crossover ridiculously well with no fudging as far as I can tell and slot together neatly with Area 51 and the Air Force bits.

4.) Oh my God, accusing Indiana Fucking Jones of treason? Are you fucking with me? Also, Indiana is a Colonel? I did not realize this. Note: interesting conflict there I'd have liked to see a lot more of.

5.) Beautiful special effects. Awesome ants, awesome temples. I loved it.

6.) I love that Indiana's first reaction to the kid was "Do what you love". The second, post-revelation--your ass goes back to school. And Wonder Kid will, too. He found something to love doing, like his mother, like his father, and it sound so afterschool special, but seriously, kids aren't fucking around because they're evil; a lot of the time, and speaking from memory--they're bored It's a constant wonder to me that parenting magazines to this day blame everything but adolescent boredom.

7.) Indiana's continuing fascination with artifacts above all, the history they carry, the worlds they represent. As much as I enjoyed National Treasure, I never loved it because of the mercenary quality running beneath it. I love Indy's utter slavery to his curiosity and intellect, to history, to being a man who lives life like an action adventure movie trying to expand human knowledge for the sake of expanding it, for learning. If there is reincarnation in this universe, he's freaking Daniel Jackson now, I swear.

8.) I love, love, love, he got married. Call me a romantic idiot; I like my heroes to have kickass heroines and have terrifyingly adorable heroic kids. I loved Marion period. I love that the three of them are going to go out and have amazing adventures and argue over artifacts and fall into sandpits and jumping mountains as the awesomest team ever. If ever they wanted to make me the perfect movie, it would be Indian Jones, Marion Jones, and Mutt the Wonder Kid and the Fire from the Sky or something.

Not So Much

1.) Action over plot irritated me. Or rather, the plot should have been more part of the action. And that car bit--no. There is not that much straigtaways in the frekaing Amazon. It felt like a great concept that wasn't edited for storytelling.

2.) Okay, call me misogynist, but--seriously. You had years to tell him. Do not fucking trot out that excuse. There's no good reason, other than abuse or something in the family of sociopathy, not to tell the father. I'm irritated with this plot device so much. Even if she was pissed, even if she was marrying someone else, he did have the right to know. Pre-birth, the woman has control of her body; post-birth, that rule ends. And I speak as a single parent here; that pisses me off every time. So. Damn. Irritating. And cliched.

Now, to balance that; this is the year 08, that was the fifties, no one had cell phones. I can squint and see that other issues might have intruded on this one. Marion is awesome, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have to live in that time period either, and there might have been damn good social and for that matter, political reasons not to rock the boat. This was not the days of women's liberation. I can see the real possibility of pressures put on her to go this direction, especially if, from the implications here, she was still working full time. To live as she did, and have her child, husband, and her work--

I take it back. It sucks, but I can't imagine being a single mother in the freaking fifties who had a job she loved and a family and world to consider, when she couldn't be sure that Indiana's opinion on their marriage would have changed. In hindsight, I think he would have had her before some sort of minister in record time; but from her view of the universe then, that might not have been a risk she could afford to take. And she's not psychic. And why would she want to marry him when he walked out on her? Which would bring her back to the same place; single parent or public knowledge her husband isn't the father of her child and wow, that could have screwed up her and her child both professionally and socially in that time period unless she was independently very wealthy. And even then, the word bastard was still trotted out fairly regularly; that kind of stigma only works in romance novels.

Okay, ignore this point; it's irrelevant and unfair and wrong. I was born after liberation and have never had to worry about the things she would have had to. My son's never been in danger of being called a bastard except by people who have no influence on me, my life, or my child. Go Marion for doing the absolute best possible for yourself and your child and look kick-ass doing it.

3.) Too much action, not enough plot development. I wanted a lot more time in that temple and more explanations.

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