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why did i friend you, volume ii

A few more, in no particular order. *grins* It scares me less than doing these in bulk. I do a few, go voila! And then feel I have accomplished something.

Why I Friended You: Volume II

xnitelite -- *thinking* You friended me and I was reading your LJ. Specifically? I don't know what exactly pushed me over. I really don't. It's like asking, why do you like chocolate? *grins* Because I *do*. You don't meta often at all, but when you do, it's thoughtful and it's something you obviously thought about. You're a good writer and I REALLY enjoy reading your fics and drabbles--and yes, I know, I almost never comment and I feel remarkably stupid about that. *hugs* It's like storyville in your LJ, all the time! *grins* Perfect for a fix. Really perfect.

mistressace -- because the very first entry I read, I almost got a hernia laughing. You're fun in a "I know I will hurt my keyboard" type of way, all off-center and enjoyable and *different*. But it's more than that. I like how you stand up for yourself when it's necessary, though I wish it never had to be. Necessary, that is. I love how you bounce back from adversity and wish I was half as philosophical about life as you are. I admire your candor and honesty and your strength all at once.

plumsnickety -- that's a silly question, sweetie. You're *you*. Fandom doesn't make you interesting to me, you're just fascinating all on your own and have been since I first started reading your blog last year. All the cliches--smart and funny and kind and snarky--but all the non-cliches, too. Like--*thinks*--this total stream of consciousness thing you have going sometimes in your LJ--it's almost like being hardwired into your head, a little. You're sensible, but not pendantic. You rove around fandom and have such strong opinions, but you never belittle others when you do, and that's really, really rare. It makes meta pure pleasure and thought, exchange of ideas.

tstar78 -- aww, honey, how could I not? I think I friended you well before we started chatting on AIM, which was very, very cool, and I'm not entirely sure of why I did originally. I think it was your light, airy LJ, filled to the brim with yourself, all energy and sparkly enthusiasm and *life*, or besides that, the fact you wrote wonderful stories that caught my imagination from the first word, or it could be that you seemed like a person I would like if we ever met in RL. But I can tell you why I still read you. You're a friend and I want to keep up with you, follow along in what you write, find out what you're thinking, whine to you and let you be comforting, like finding a friendly face in a crowd of strangers. And you know I'd do the same. *hugs*

zarah5 -- hee. I ran across that SV story I sent you feedback on--for the life of me, I can't remember the title, but God, it was so good. And I was staring at your name, thinking, this person needs to be stalked. But with subtlety. And I decided that my cleverst plan would be to go into your LJ and see if you had any other things around for me to devour whole. And so you did. But it wasn't just the stories. It was all that sparkliness--like tstar, so damn much energy you make me wonder how I can steal some. Thoughtful and amusing, and jumping from subject to subject until I was dizzy. I went through about a month of posts before I hit friend, and it only took me THAT long because I didnt' want to stop reading. So we only share SV as a fandom--your views into your other fandoms are just as interesting, and you make them something that I want to keep up with, devour, even if I don't participate myself.

destina -- So you didn't ask specifically. I just did it anyway. You're very bright. Not like, bare lightbulb in a Memphis rent-by-the-hour motel, but like candlelight, the good kind, the white ones that are very long and smell like vanilla and cost so much, but even though you can't afford it, you buy them anyway. Peace and strength, I think, but also, poetic. I love your LJ because that's how I feel when I read it--like I'm in some bright room in a Southern mansion, smelling vanilla while I ponder out the mysteries of the universe with a quill pin in hand. Soothing and calming, but also thoughtful and rich and deep. Every entry you make feels like that, even about mundane things.

rageprufrock -- you're like, the opposite of Destina, in a good way. A really, really good way. You kill puppies! And stuff. *g* Okay, no. You're so passionate about everything--frustrating and annoying (in a good way, you understand) and enchanting and fascinating, like being given a really big dose of caffeine all at once, and I'm usually high for *hours* after you've had a good rant, just from all the energy in it. I don't even care if I agree with you anymore, because I just enjoy watching you GET like that. Your meta's great, your RL stuff is hysterical, and you engage me as a writer with your prose and as a journaler by your thoughts. Meeting you on AIM and chatting just confirmed everything I'd thought when I first found your LJ--all of that was really *you*, and God, how do you DO that? It's amazing. And addictive as hell.

*lalalala* Nestle is my friend. My good, good friend.
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