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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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comm of votingness
another frog
So for those of us (possibly like me? Who were this morning saying stuff like "election? for what? huh?), svmadelyn's opened up fandom_votes for us to get a look at the candidates currently up for the LJ Advisory Board.

...I seriously only recognize four candidates. Should read up.

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So, so very off-topic...

Hi! *waves*

So...I know you don't know me from Adam, but I was reading your 'Crimes Against Humanity' (for, like, the fifth time...I need help!) and I got this image stuck in my head. ^_^ So, I made it...kinda. I only have Paint on this computer, so it's not cohesive enough, but, yeah...

I made a thing:


The quote on it is from *hides head in shame* McFly. (And I hope this whole Scrapbook/linky thing is working!)

Re: So, so very off-topic...



Sorry! I got caught up in fandom_votes and missed checking all my email. Thank you very much! I LOVE!

*glee* Do you mind if use it on my webpage please?

Re: So, so very off-topic...


I'd be delighted - it's yours to do whatever you'd like with! *bounce* There's something so very, very pretty about your sociopaths-in-love - they call for art. I can also change the 'Jenn' to 'Seperis', if you'd like.

I miss my home computer - it has better art programs on it. *pout*

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