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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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random election mulling
children of dune - leto 1
So LJ Advisor Elections:

After reading the comments in my last entry, and reading the ljers who have been mulling about this, I went for legomymalfoy and rm (I have no idea who I did third: I think squeaky).

Now I'll show you why.


1) What do you think is the value of LJ?

When speaking about value, I feel that the irresistible value of LiveJournal is in its community. We are what makes LJ valuable. The users who post about their day, about their kids, about their last BDSM encounter, about sex and food and everything under the sun. Without its users, LJ is nothing but an empty husk. To continue being valuable, LJ needs to work on retaining existing users by keeping the aspects of the site that are most valuable to them, while at the same time attracting new users by making new features available and taking advantage of new ways of thinking.

More points below that one. Interesting reading. But more important to me; has this person been recommended by people I trust on my flist, the username, and the fact they work Abuse, which means they have some idea what they are talking about.

A complete list of platforms for the people up for election is here.

I hate taking things seriously. Also, may be taking mother to George Michael concert. I--mentioned it? And wow. I've never seen anyone light up that fast.

ETA: rydra_wong has some comments here on the election and candidates.

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I voted the same. But I think we're going to be stuck with jameth *sigh*. He currently has a huge vote lead--partly because he told those who support him to vote for him all three times (which I guess is legal *shrug*).

But this is just the first name. Maybe the majority of jameth's supporters have already voted?

Only 359 ahead and not growing at the rate that legomymalfoy is.

...yes, I've been tracking. *flushes* I was curious!

348; she's been gaining steadily on him all day.



he told those who support him to vote for him all three times (which I guess is legal *shrug*).

But completely pointless, and it doesn't increase his lead at all. penknife explains why.

Well, duh! That makes perfect sense now that I'm awake.

Go fandom! Even if this board has little/no power, at least we've shown there's strength in (reasonably intelligent) numbers *g*.

And legomymalfoy is only 215 votes behind jameth now ...


*refreshes, recalculates*


*g* In second choice, he's already behind.

You guys need to get a life...or at least go write some fanfic while you're refreshing and recalculating, LOL.

*resists temptation to go and do it too*

*g* I'm running virus scan in hopes of recalibrating my video card. I am *this close* to snapping. *stares at computer* Go *faster*.

195 *tongue in cheek*

Holy cow, she's at about 60 votes off now. I love fandom so much. When we start to get our teeth into something, we really can move worlds.

I've learned you can also pick one person for all three options.


*picks legomymalfoy as a great candidate who is also the only fandom friendly person who's anywhere in the ballpark*

From what I read, it doesn't help. penknife (thank God, I was confused on this too) has an explanation.

Got it: http://penknife.livejournal.com/342545.html?style=mine#cutid1

I'll add that link to my post, thank you. I wondered if those all went into the same bucket or not. They are separate polls....

I also voted for legomymalfoy and rm for the same reasons. I think they're currently splitting the fandom vote, which is slightly worrisome, but hopefully fandom_votes will take care of that. (Yes, that's probably overly optimistic. But one can hope, right?)

I've been clicking refresh on the voting too. It's great fun. :) Only a 60 vote difference now!

You've got an extra r in rydra_wong. Also, are you missing a username in the sentence But more important to me; has been recommended by people?

I'm crossing my fingers.

ALso, goign up to correct. *facepalm*

No one has mentioned this for a while (did everyone go to bed?), but legomymalfoy is now 278 votes ahead of jameth now. Hurray for fandom!

Edited at 2008-05-24 05:22 am (UTC)

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