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oh john ringo no! in one hundred percent cotton
children of dune - leto 1
My Oh John Ringo No shirt of awesome. I totally put on lipstick for this. As without it, there was the faintest whiff of, say, zombie going on. Winter has not been kind to my coloring, let me tell you.

oh john ringo no oh john ringo no
the awesomest shirt *ever*

This is not so much an "I feel pretty" moment, so much as the glee of getting to tell people what it means. Or just look thoughtful.

ETA: And because I'm an idiot, I forgot to link to where to buy one so you, too, can giggle to yourself for no particular reason whenever you wear it. And so you'll know what you're supporting.

Get Your John Ringo Shirt Here, concept by the awesome hradzka, artwork by the fantastic vito_excalibur, and approved by John Ringo himself. All proceeds go to the Helen Bamber Foundation in the name of Captain Tamara Long, USAF (1979-2003).

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