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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in which my consumerism fights the good fight
children of dune - leto 1
It says so much about me, and nothing good, that reading musesfool about the tiny white laptop has set off every technolust and acquisitive bone in my body.

And reading the reviews and specs did not help. The only two things that are keeping my credit card firmly in hand is a.) Child has camp, and it is the kind of camp I've always wanted to go to, and I feel it's more in line with parental duties to force my child to live my dreams and b.) well, money, and two cons this summer and c.) I know that keyboard will drive me nuts and d.) John II will get jealous (he's still ambivalent about my work computer having the same firefox configurations as he does) and e.) I can't figure out a single practical reason I need it. And trust me, I tried. I really did.

seperis: I'd almost want the laptop just for the Linux training.

Yes. Yes. That was what I thought was a viable reason. svmadelyn is still laughing. *sighs*

But serious. It could not be more adorable if it tried. And I hate to say it, but my turn ons include the words "solid state hard drive". So really. It was flirting! Its skirt was too short! It wants me.

The ASUS Eee 900. It is called EEE!

*gazes at it* So cute. I am not filled with technoenvy at all. Even a little.

ETA: I don't even like Muse, but I keep buying their music from iTunes and playing it obsessively. It's Map of the Problematique that's really getting to me. I love the sound of it, the speed of it, like watching water currents under the still surface of a river that looks like its not moving. But I still don't like it. But in every damn song, there's at least a ten second period of something that hits me. Damn them.

I WANTS IT! *resists valiantly*

Well, Child could take it to camp...

I'm just sayin'.

That was next on my list of Why I Really Need This A Lot. It's just so adorable. Do post about how it works out, please? I've had a strong aversion to non-standard keyboards since the horror of Apple back in the late nineties (and their godawful round mice), but this--just. So. Awesome.

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Don't get it -- I keep hearing the battery life's crappy. They plan on having that fixed in the next version, and maybe a touchscreen too. That's the one you really want.


...a touchscreen? Are you kidding? Don't be kidding.

I don't even have words. The multitouch thing on this one was getting me thinky, but a touchscreen....

*Hyperventilates and screams in the general direction of the new EeePC*


The Gadget Show did a review on three laptops, and the Asus came out top of the budget range. http://gadgetshow.five.tv/jsp/5gsmain.jsp?lnk=501&featureid=351&description=Laptops

I love laptop reviews. *glows* SO CUTE.

*cough* I have a modified older version and it is awesome. I have had a month's trial of Verizon's Broadband, and between that, my eeePC and my tiny 80 gig hardrive with portable apps like open office and firefox loaded onto it - I can get internet just about everywhere, and the keyboard didn't really take too long to adjust to... Though, the 700 screen is *so* small that it's really not meant for staring at long term, but.

It's nice to be able to pack everything - powercord, cables, harddrive, and computer into one of those bible-holders...

seperis: I'd almost want the laptop just for the Linux training.

Yes. Yes. That was what I thought was a viable reason.

[small voice]You mean it's not a viable reason? I, it, uh *sniffle*

a co-worker has one for his business travel (and yes, he already has a desktop *and* a home laptop). His reasoning/excuse was that it was small and light enough that it was really convenient for travel, *plus* if it was somehow lost, damaged, or stolen, it's cheap enough that he wouldn't have a tantrum about it.

It's very very cute, and he says he just turned it on and started using it right out of the box, no problems.

...sigh. I still haven't been able to justify getting one to myself. We already have more computers than people in this house...

*sad* Us, too. Three laptops and two desktops. It's very conflicting.

My EEE is LOVE. I've got a 700 (Black) 4G. I immediately began tinkering with it, it has eeeDora on it now, not the default Xandros, but that is because I use Fedora/RH liek woah at work so it is comfy for me. I carry my EEE with me and use it at coffee shops and am the envy of all the peeps. I have this really cute sling/backpack bag that I got for it. Wait for the battery upgrade, will be worth it.

I <3 Map of the Promblematique hugely, and did from the first time I heard it. I don't know if you like vids but there is a really cool Clex vid to it.

*grins* Okay, now *that* sounds awesome. *glee*

And thanks for the link!

Speaking of cons...

I just realised that you and svmadelyn are going to be at con.txt. You two are way high on my list of people I want to meet in person so... how do you feel about hugs from semi-strangers? *g*

Hee! Speaking for myself, sure!

Muse! I love/hate them and all of their music, esp the newer stuff, obsessively. I just don't like the older stuff. They're my emo-porn music - I was embarrassed about liking them for months until I got over it and admitted that, yeah, they're totally over the top and I love them for it. I can listen to them endlessly. There's always a something that catches in their music, and I'm hooked.

Yep. That is it *exactly*. It's the darn catchiness!

*wanders by across the fflist*

I swear the eee pc is not so much a computer, more a new fandom.


*pets tiny book-sized computer, which I TOTALLY BOUGHT JUST TO LEARN LINUX, REALLY, IT'S EDUCATIONAL*

FWIW, I'm pretty happy with the keyboard (and I was reduced to screaming by an afternoon trying to type on a new Macbook keyboard).

http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ and http://forum.eeeuser.com/ are excellent sources of info and uncensored opinions about the pros and cons.



I was reading those links yesterday. Seriously. It *is* a fandom.

Ah, save up and get a MacBook. *g*

Edited at 2008-05-21 01:10 pm (UTC)

I will not say I have not stared yearningly at the MacBook Air because that would be a dirty, dirty lie. My ex-boss got his Mac right before I left that job and had a really great time bringing it to work to show us all. I think he had the powerbook, though.

Oh this is so not the time to be tempted by new technology seeing as I don't have a job anymore. But god it's so tiny and if they come out with one with a touchscreen...I may not be able to restrain myself.

The touchscreen thing is going to cause me physical pain not to grab. *bites nails* So cute.

OMG HOW COULD YOU. I did not know I needed this until I met you and you posted this thing. And now I want to stimulate the economy by buying this thing, instead of a Roomba. And I don't really need it, but God, I WANT IT.

*goes back to grading grumbling about rewards and how I deserve an EEE*

It's funny; a Roomba would cost about the same and yet I balk at it, while I look at the price of an Eee, and shrug.

Possibly because most vacuum cleaners cost under $200 and my last laptop cost $1300? Yeah.


But I should probably get a Roomba.