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in which my consumerism fights the good fight

It says so much about me, and nothing good, that reading musesfool about the tiny white laptop has set off every technolust and acquisitive bone in my body.

And reading the reviews and specs did not help. The only two things that are keeping my credit card firmly in hand is a.) Child has camp, and it is the kind of camp I've always wanted to go to, and I feel it's more in line with parental duties to force my child to live my dreams and b.) well, money, and two cons this summer and c.) I know that keyboard will drive me nuts and d.) John II will get jealous (he's still ambivalent about my work computer having the same firefox configurations as he does) and e.) I can't figure out a single practical reason I need it. And trust me, I tried. I really did.

seperis: I'd almost want the laptop just for the Linux training.

Yes. Yes. That was what I thought was a viable reason. svmadelyn is still laughing. *sighs*

But serious. It could not be more adorable if it tried. And I hate to say it, but my turn ons include the words "solid state hard drive". So really. It was flirting! Its skirt was too short! It wants me.

The ASUS Eee 900. It is called EEE!

*gazes at it* So cute. I am not filled with technoenvy at all. Even a little.

ETA: I don't even like Muse, but I keep buying their music from iTunes and playing it obsessively. It's Map of the Problematique that's really getting to me. I love the sound of it, the speed of it, like watching water currents under the still surface of a river that looks like its not moving. But I still don't like it. But in every damn song, there's at least a ten second period of something that hits me. Damn them.
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