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Five Ways Clark Kent Didn't Get Laid by Celli. Tell me you aren't in love with her. Go ahead. Just try. Because whoa doggies, does Clark get out there. Whee! All are good. Some are surprising. And man, the hotness never ends. Go Celli!

I'm random AND wired AND high on chocolate. I love Nestle. I swear, it can almost make up for anything. Even the tooth sitch.

Since a few people want to know why I friended them, I'll start now while I have time and a lot of good vibes. And also off the cuff, like, first impressions wise.

Okay, here we go.

celli Okay, I'm not sure of the original reason I friended you, though I think--*think*--it was during my SV blitz of reading everyone who wrote something I liked. However, that's not the make or break for friending. I liked your LJ. *grins* It's strange, I know, but when someone friends me or I find someone interesting, I usually try and make time to read two weeks worth of their LJ to see what kind of person they are, what they do, how they think, etc. And I really, really loved your LJ--upbeat, interesting, fun, with all these little slices of life in the fannishness. And I dearly love your work--seriously, it's so good and so consisent and you do really unusual things, and it makes me want to keep up with you. After we started chatting, it just became--more focused. *grins* I like you, therefore, I shall read your journal daily. Perhaps several times a day, even.

wubba -- *grins* This I remember, since it was relatively recent. I'd JUST decided not to friend anyone else for a few months, since I was having trouble keeping up, and then I stumbled across a link to something--oh, a few weeks before. That I'd MISSED. And you know, intentions, whatever, I had to friend immediately. I really do enjoy your LJ a lot, and it's--I want to say soothing, but that sounds really dumb. It's just nice to read it. Relaxing? You're just fun. And I really, really like fun.

kernzelda -- okay, I went to your LJ after you friended me--I can't remember how long after, so don't ask. And immediately, of course, forgot to do my two week read, and then--hmm. I want to say you commented in my LJ, and I looked at it and thought, hmm. I recognize that name! So I went to your LJ and liked it. Though seriously, you don't post enough there. You had interesting comments in my LJ that made me want to keep up with you and see what else you were thinking. Which is, apparently, a lot. Very happy with this.

lainy122 -- okay, mea culpa, I don't remember why. The two week rule though was in effect if I remember the time period correctly, though. But how about this--I keep reading because you make me laugh a lot. Like Celli, you make your life sound like so much fun and I like reading about it. It's--relaxing just to sit down and giggle with some coffee, you know? And this title Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home? for an entry? How the hell would I ever be able to stay away? Of course, I can't. But yes, for all those reasons.

weredonit your username. *grins* No, not that. Well, I don't think so, anyway. *thinks* Your icon? No, hold on, let me think. *grins* I like your take on fandom when you feel like it. I've never seen you be malicious at any time to anyone. And I wanted to get to know you, in that LJfannish way, so LJ was the perfect place to do so. You have this gift of snark that just does good things for me.

dijianna -- hmm. Okay, I remember because you posted in my LJ in comments, and I went to your LJ while surfing to check out what you were up to. I simply loved your recs journal--good reading! yay!--but I also found your thoughts engaging enough to want to follow along, just to see where you'd go. I'm such a sucker for interesting, provoking thinkers.

valentinemichel - I remember this. Again, relative recentness. Yay! I was looking at your work in Level Three, actually, and then noted that someone by that name was in LJ--I think you had friended me. Interested, I went to check it out, and lo! It was the writer! So okay, not so much a huge Clexer, but you wrote so well. And your posts amused me hugely. You also think a lot, and I like people who do that. In comments in my LJ, you left really thought-provoking stuff that really got me thinking. And I like that, too. And seriously, that bend toward the dark? Does good, good things to me. Few writers do it well and consistently at the same time, but your take is so--unusual. It kept my attention riveted. Even if I didn't think I'd agree with the characterization normally, your stories reconciled me to it. That make sense?

fox1013 *grins* Remember when we met in chat? I just barely recall, but I thought you were cool there, and I liked you, therefore, I friended you. And I never, ever find you boring. You like to rant, but it's not ever the kind of stuff that makes me feel like you're being militant or agenda-izing. They're cool to read. And I like you. *g* I love how your mind works--the most bizarre tangents, the most interesting and strange posts, seriously, it's sometimes hard to look away. Muppets, I ask you! MUPPETS! *G*

Okay, more later. Must think of porn. Porn. Porn. NEED it.
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