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Most Hated Books in glitterandlube's livejournal. I'm feeling a strong sense of solidarity atm, because dear God am I tired about being told about meaningful books and blah blah blah.

Here's why: in the greater scheme of things, it's rare that in fiction, meaningful trumps entertaining for me personally. I don't often go out, stare at the fiction section, and think to myself, I need a course of philosophical thought. Let me find something fictional to act allegorically on this. No. I'll get out my fucking Plato like a normal person. It's also why I love CS Lewis up to the last book (and I like the last book, just I hate Narnia ending, and he took off the kid gloves too hard and too fast near the end).

(I also love the fact freaking Bacchus is in there. You cannot hate anyone who has the god of wine and sex showing up at Creation. That's kickass. The after party of Narnia Creation must have been for the record books, people. Bacchus. Oh Lewis. Sometimes.)

(I'm also still confused by the misogynist argument about Susan in that one. I don't argue that women in Lewis' books weren't exactly treated with the care of the men, but even when I was twelve, I read Susan's defection as worldliness and narcissism and materialism, not sexuality.)

ETA: Link fixed. *sighs* That's what I get for having a thousand tabs open of SPN spoilers.
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