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movie: prince caspian
children of dune - leto 1
Wow. Let me just say regarding Caspian.

Not only would I hit that, I'd take it home and keep it. God. Even his voice. Seriously. Wow. I mean--he's pretty. But when he opens his mouth or picks up a weapon, I mean, God. Damn.

Being you know, me, the first worrisome moment I had was realizing that yes, Peter and Caspian really should stop with the sword waving and freaking make out already. Which made me kind of sad and then happy again because did I mention Peter's pretty? And they all kneel a lot? And wow?

Seriously. Caspian. Wow.

Besides that--this was really good. I liked the first one, but this one I really loved. Susan was amazing; I was surprised they used her so much and pretty thrilled with her shooting arrows almost at the same rate of bullets. And I loved that she was a queen here, used to command of her people, in battle and decisions. Lucy was cute. I'm hoping for Voyage they'll go with less cute and more personality. I like she's the one who carries faith, but they were really leaning on her adorableness and unlike the other three, she didn't seem to carry the fact she was a queen here and for some reason that bothered me.

Peter has, shockingly, hostility issues, which are highlighted throughout the episode. He's also still a king to his fingertips; he and Caspian emoted like teenage boys of hotness, and I was surprised how much Caspian could get across with just his expression. Edmund was interestingly sarcastic and kinda made me want to ruffle his hair. He also got progressively more attractive through the movie--it was like watching Clay Aiken in American Idol.


More later, but honestly, even if everything had sucked? Caspian talking and Peter with a sword pretty much are worth the price of admission. That is a lot of pretty.

Two special effects I loved:

The trees waking up was damn near breathtaking. And Neptune rising from the river was amazing.

So, yeah. Waiting for Voyage of the Dawn Treader now. Eustace is my favorite (though there's no way they can match Caspian--Jesus. Where did they get him?

Did I mention Caspian's voice? Again. Can we get more of these? I seriously, with no exaggeration, would listen to him recite the alphabet for the rest of my life.

ETA: Caspian's accent is Spanish. I would like to personally thank the nation of Spain and its historical countries for this. A lot.

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Oh Caspian! He's been one of my life-long boyfriends always, but I didn't realize till now that he was really MY BOYFRIEND.



Seriously, I just melted every time he opened his mouth. How the hell everyone resists giving him anything he wants is a mystery.

...for instance, how Peter resists giving him a blow job is a mystery. Or - since Peter is the high king, maybe it would be more appropriate for Caspian to be on his knees. (Oh my childhood. I weep for you. While simultaneously googling "Caspian" and "NC-17")

also, did you know that the actor who plays Edmund is a direct descendant of Charles Darwin? Apparently, natural selection/evolution eventually results in sarcasm and scorching hotness. I knew there was a reason not to be a Creationist.

Every time they fell to their knees, I was deeply, deeply happy.

...no. really? The whole movie had some great great snark. *Loved*.

I dont' know whether to love you forever or start plannign elaborate seduction rituals for when I throw myself at him. It's hard to decide.

...dear God. I am calling Cylon.

Oh. My. God. He was in Stardust; that's what I recognized him from. The accent, and the replacement of sweet adorability with smoking sex on a horse threw me off for a bit, but no! That is baby Dunstan Thorn. Jesus.

Apparently, they make them in England. *wants*

Gah. So pretty. Want one.

(Deleted comment)
Peter/Susan/Caspian FTW. I was right there.

CASPIAN IS SO PRETTY. Also, yeah, I appreciated that Susan got to be all badass in this movie. And I agree that Lucy was a bit too... cute. And stuff. Ish. I never got the sense that she'd ever been a queen.

AND YES OMG REEPICHEEP. Mice kicking ass!

you've got me sooo excited! i'm going to see it after work tomorrow...er, today. in full costume, if they don't send me off as a kook.

for some reason i thought it opened saturday. huh.

Caspian was the young Dunstan Thorn in Stardust.
P.S. I am incredibly bitter that I have to wait over a month to see this movie. Until like three days ago I totally thought it was released on the 16th in the UK, too. *sulks*

We saw it last night and I really enjoyed it.

I would, one day, like to see a big-budget American-made fantasy feature film in which the villains are not swarthy with indeterminate but not!English accents.

But apart from that, I really enjoyed it. And yes, I would listen to that young man read the back of a cereal box. So awesome.

Next, after SGA Big Bang and my Supernatural zombie apocalypse, I am writing the AU in which Susan stays. Because omg how could she not stay???

Okay, yes, I know, probably in the book she doesn't stay, but I always wished for Boromir to live, too, so I'm totally untrustworthy when it comes to canon vs. my own personal vision of happiness.

If begging occurs, will there be Pr0n? Because really, pretty like that deserves ficcing, don't you agree?


GAH! I just went see Caspian and I LOVE IT and BEN BARNES. Seriouly. I've been off my SGA/Shep squee for a bit and have been filling the void with David Cook Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Which I have so bad it hurts. But, WHEE! Once American Idol is over next week, I'll have Caspian/Ben squee until July (when SGA/Shep starts again)

Love his accent as Caspian and his own English accent. And the man is so very articulate. (Huh. Joe Flan is articulate as hell. David Cook. Ben Barnes. I see a pattern here).

If anyone finds Caspian fic. Please to point me to it. GAH!

Even the little kid kicking my seat and putting his hands in my hair could not ruin this for me. Man, that's one pretty movie.

Poor English train boy doesn't have a clue what he's up against. One minute she's being kissed goodbye extremely hotly as a Queen, the next she's Phyllis. At least her brothers aren't the type to go all possessive on the poor fool, he's about to get burned enough.

God, it's true. Poor train boy. Terrible timing there.

My f-list has me want this NOW! Dammit... *wails* is it wrong to admit I want it most for Reepicheep? (What?? I was 9 or 10 when I first read it - he was the coolest thing ever!)

That movie was *made* of pretty. Caspian and Peter very, very pretty. Edmund shaping up into a very nice lanky sort of sexy. And Susan is a knockout. Holy cow. I had a hard time trying to figure out who to stare at at any given time.

I actually appear to ship a puddle of Peter/Susan/Edmund/Caspian. It's very, very pretty. I may be a bad person but I have awesome mental movies.

(I totally fucking cried at the ending with Peter and Susan. I will never not cry over Susan. She was my favourite.)

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