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so good idea/bad idea
children of dune - leto 1
So to celebrate Child's All A's (and one B in math), and for my niece's near-end of kindergarten, I decided to take them to see Prince Caspian. Now, I had a condition on this for Child, that he had to read the book first. I told him this on Wednesday, when he was a few pages in.

He finished it last night.


Okay, seriously. It is *pulling teeth* to get him to read fiction. He's all about the books on robotics, weather, and dinosaurs. I'm kinda amazed.

And I cannot believe I'm voluntarily taking two children below the age of twelve to a movie theatre on a Friday night. I am packing the Nintendo DSs and wipies for the pre-movie sitting, since getting there early is the only way we'll get seats. Oh yes. This will be very exciting.

*deep breath* At least Caspian is pretty. *holds firm*
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*sacrifices a virgin John to your sanity*

ZOMG!! GOOD LUCK! Do you have adult reinforcements going with you?!?! I feel like we're sending you off to war or something XD

seperis!! What is your profession?!

Sorry, lame 300 movie quote...

Edited at 2008-05-16 09:35 pm (UTC)

You know, yes, this is basically sending you to war, and that's sad!

But. Child! Reading!

I have to say, this shows excellent taste.

(It is taking all of my energy to keep from spamming you with book recs for him.)

I hope you guys have fun. :) I plan on seeing it tonight and I'm just hoping people leave their crying babies at home!

Congrats to Child on his grades! Congrats to you for getting him to read fiction! \o/ bribery rules.

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