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they are stealthy, hiding behind the hickory farms display, waiting for you....


I had this weird nostalgic feeling while sorting my spam folder to make sure there was nothing there I wanted to keep. Which there's not. And the worst part is, it isn't even interestingly irritating.

In my day, we had Paris Hilton sex tapes and Britney Spears reveals all and gay schoolboys who really, really wanted it bad, along with pharmacies, penis enlargement, and Rolex. These days? Not so much.

I have to say, this generation of spammers disappoints me.

Mall Ninjas

I direct you to OTF_Wank for--okay, wait for it--Mall Ninjas. No. Really. No. Seriously. Mall Ninjas who save the ass virginity of young men.

No. REALLY. Mall ninjas who save the ass virginity of young men! And also stop those threats to the American way of life, people who double sample.

I--I love life today. I seriously, seriously love life.


Meanwhile, my ass is one the line so your fat butt can go to the mall and pick up the latest copy of “Computer Gaming Monthly” without getting jumped and sodomized in the mall bathroom.

I. I don't even know what to do with that.
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