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I'm being an individual lemming. I am the lemming with his hat on backward! Yes!

Okay, no. I'm tired and kinda burned out, but I'd prefer that you think that theory one up there is the reason for the...

Twelve of Twenty Anonymous Comments on LJ users. Or something like that. Other eight as soon as I have gotten down ten pages of something fictional.

  1. I love snark and I really, really love unapologetic snark. So wow. And because I like you and because you really, really amuse me. And because you sort of scare me, hence, I keep you on the list to keep an eye on you. God knows what you'd pull if I looked away too long. Probably something VERY interesting that I'd be pissed that I missed. And well, you know. Stalking for fic. That really can't be underestimated, don't you think?

  2. God, where do I start? I could be this entire cliche of smart! Funny! Interesting! Love you! But then again, it's also because you're not always all of those things and sometimes you're a lot more. You keep touch with a lot of fandoms, which is fun for fandom-in-a-minute reading, and because you really, really don't have any problem with saying exactly what you think, and saying it very, very, very loudly. Often, even. I admire that. And simply because I like you, which I guess isn't that great a reason, but there it is. So I like to keep up with what you're up to.

  3. It was the snark. The very first post I ever read by you when I was still in diaryland, and it totally killed me. This amazing, flexible, incredible sense of humor that blew my mind. Still does. When you're *on* like that, there's no competion. And it doesn't hurt that you're an incredibly good writer. Nope.

  4. I read LJs for like, tons of reasons, from the really deep to the simply 'ooh, shiny' principle, and I friended you originally because you friended me, but. I read two weeks back to see what kind of person you were and what you liked to talk about, and everything fascinated me. You make life seem--more dramatic, more colorful. You give me a look into fandoms I don't really participate in and you make them interesting. And you're relatively sane, and I really like that in people. *grins*

  5. Even though you don't do it often in LJ, I like your meta, and its rareness was enough of an incentive to add you so I wouldn't miss it. Also, well, ficness updates, always good. You rarely back down, if ever, and while I've rarely agreed with you a hundred percent, but I can't think of a time I didn't find an unsettling amount of agreement going on somehow, even when I didn't want to. And in that, you've never, ever actually made me *want* to disagree from pure stubborness, which is a bad habit I've picked up in LJland. I don't know you well enough to know if I like you, so much as I know I absolutely respect you. And well, you scare me. But only on alternate weeks.

  6. You're a challenging person in every way--as a writer a thinker, a journaler. Nothing quite turns me on like high intelligence coupled with the ability to use it well. In a manner of speaking. I like being forced to reconsider and clarify and back myself up, and I like being called on stupidity when it's as blatant as I can almost always manage. I respect those who stand their ground--I respect them even more when they take the high road when they do it.

  7. Artist and writer and penultimate MR girl, and you should, I think, have a poster devoted to you. *grin* You're relaxing and comfortable and the opposite of boring, and I like that. You make me smile and you enjoy everything so much, even things I don't, that you make me enjoy them too.

  8. We've known each other for a while but are finally getting *to* know each other now, which is absolutely wonderful. Cliches like 'you're fun' are cliches for a reason, because it's absolutely true. You are. You make me laugh and you make things fun and you pimp fandoms irresistibly. I love it.

  9. I don't know. It was an accident when I was doing that friendfriend thing that will probably be the death of any free time I have in the future, and you had this post--it wasn't even a really ranty or meta one, but it completley caught my imagination. Writers are good at that, but few journalers are really skilled at making something that would normally be boring be riveting. And since, I haven't stopped reading. I just like to watch where you go.

  10. I adore you. Because you make domestic sexy and hot and endlessly entertaining and because you make LJ this place that's bright and shiny and completely fun, even on days it isn't. Because I really like you.

  11. I respect you as a writer, which was Thing One. I liked you as a journaler, Thing Two. I enjoy your infrequent meta, Thing Three. *hmm* Because you write things and make them very, very real, and there was this one post you made one year that made me not only cry, but also get disturbingly into the entire concept of the natural good fo mankind. You give good, practical advice. And you're so absolutely sure of yourself.

  12. Being funny is a highly underrated skill, as it seems to be applied to anyone with a sense of humor, whether or not that humor is, well, any good. Yours is just incredible, rarely hurtful, and always, always makes me giggle.

I'm curious--is anyone interested in why I friended them? I didn't think anyone really would be, but, well, I just bought two bars of Nestle Chocolate and my mood? Has taken SUCH an upturn. Leave comment if interested. Completely ignore and poke fun at if not.

Nestle. Seriously, chipped tooth, work tomorrow, and Other Assorted Frustrations? Have nothing on two bars of solid chocolate and enough caffeine to poison a small, non-industrialized city.
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