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Of course I'd chip my tooth on Friday! Of course. You know, an hour after every dentist with sense is home and laughing wildly, because seriously, in a former life, I must have pissed off vast cohorts of dentists to have the dental issues I have.

Flossing, which I am beginning to suspect was primitive man's way of showing worship to Dentists, considering how often they espouse it, is moving up to four times a day. Yes, I am going to look moronic in the lady's room at work, but seriously, MY FRONT TOOTH.

Okay, it doesn't look nearly as bad as I think it does. No one noticed until I pointed it out, but I notice. My lip notices. My lip keeps getting scratched on it, and it hurts, and it makes me gripey. My lip hurts, I am gripey, not the tooth hurts and my lip is gripey.

Can you tell I'm having some serious trouble sleeping?

*sighs* Bad week. Hell, bad month.

In other late breaking news, I have work tomorrow again. The nice thing is, I am making comp time nicely. The bad thing is, it's WORK. Plus Child's t-ball practice. Plus at some point, I need to go shopping (and wow, I love being able to say that, 'need') and get a few more outfits for work and God, do I need a haircut and an MP3 player.

What? Yes, I NEED one. I want mobile music.

However, like all really lousy times, silvery lining. Actually, a black and red lining.

By The Siamese Twins. Ladies (Lady?), if I saw you right now, I'd totally fall into collective arms and just sigh with relief. Absolutely amazing. Seriously so. Thank you so much!

Edited The Great Gay Sexathon that rageprufrock and I are working on erratically. I've noticed that if I don't try to concentrate too hard, I can keep going. Finally got four pages of Arkham completely clean and together, though the rest is still disassembled in email I sent myself from work. It's odd. Like The Yard, so to speak, Arkham works best written in snippets and ended quickly--when I figured that out, it started smoothing out. Devin, btw, who I'm cowriting with, has written some GOOD stuff here. *grins* I keep a hard copy at work to inspire me.

And you know, leaving that around my computer probably wasn't the brightest idea since they're doing upgrades this weekend. *thinks* Well, huh. If they read it, they'll be surprised.

Next week--training for the brand new interface system that replaces the one we have now. It's pretty, Windows-like instead of DOS-like, and pretty cool to use.

Totally gratuitous entry here. I'm still catching up on my friendslist.

But, recs. Just one. Because it is GOOD.

box_of_serial continues to completely enchant me. Alex and Julian are almost painfully hot together. Dear God, are they hot. And so much fun. And so much plot. So much first-seasony. I adore Liv. I really do.

*sighs* Must find porn. Now. *stomps foot*
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