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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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rec - a mother's love by liketheriver
better than cookies
Oh my God flist you failed me.

A Mother's Love by liketheriverrun - SGA/Maury Povich and this is the most aweseome thing in the history of awesome.

...seriously, people. You hid this!

Also, rec. In case it wasn't obvious. Betrayers.

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Sometimes you gotta work for it. Otherwise it's not fun!

Your rec saved my night. Thank you.

What's Maury Povich? And do I need to know to read the story?

*is a clueless Bad Fan type person*

Like Jerry Springer when he was fun and not Seriously Trying Too Hard. Baby Daddy! GLEE!

And no you do'nt need to know him. Just think daily talk show and baby daddy drama. IT's glorious.

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