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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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an enchanted evening
children of dune - leto 1
Every once in a while, I get hit with a violent desire to post something incredibly rude. Maybe in a rec post. It would be something like this:

Are you kidding? You are kidding. You have to be drunk and also kidding. Oh my God, do you want to turn her off slash forever? And turn her off reading? Or LIVING? STOP THAT. DO NOT REC THAT. THAT IS WRONG. STOP. EYES. SPORK. HELP.

Then I remember that would be wrong. It hits me every so often. And I mourn. Mourn for that lost person. Godspeed, fanperson. Godspeed.

The Mindfuck Picture

Leld found a freaking dalek. This relates to the mindfuck picture of Lenny Kravitz, random skeletons, and women's heads. It's a Dalek. I can see it's tiny plungerdeathray and it's body and its head.

This thing is totally secret picture, isn't it? Wow.

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Sometimes, when someone feedbacks "I can totally hear John saying that" or some permutation thereof, I think about saying "In what universe? Where on the show do you think John Sheppard would ever act like that? Share the drugs bitch!"

And then I strep away from the computer for a few minutes.

Edited at 2008-05-14 03:44 am (UTC)

*shakes tiny fist at the sky*

Seriously, if they're going to be that fucking HIGH in public they could at least share.

For me it's worse when the fanperson comes back to rave about how much she loved the recommended overwritten, OOC epic. I mean, it's nice that the person isn't driven away forever, but it makes me cry a little for all of fandom.

*sad* It's really a lose/lose at that point.

Some part of me thinks this desire is what led to sockpuppets. Freedom to be critical! yay!

Not that it isn't often attractive, mind you. And not that I don't sometimes, quite privately and only among people I've known forever and ever, indulge. Because I'm a viper.

I'm not really sure why privately bitching has been demonized? Maybe some people take advantage of the idea or are incredibly disingenuous in public vs their private thoughts, but-- I kind of thing as a release valve, private bitching isn't so horrible as some people have made it out to be.

I don't know either. The tyranny of nice? But mostly my "viper" was a reference back to the old days of fandom when a small circle of my buddies was tagged "The Nest o' Vipers". We eventually just adopted the moniker. I think I still have a few snake pins around here someplace.

*nod* Honestly, that's one of the reasons I *don't* sockpuppet. The one time I did it *over email* I kept thinking up Brand New Worlds of bad behavior. I figured that at least doing it all under my own name would be *somewhat* of a restraint.


the one and only time I used a sockpuppet I regretted it, so no, I don't go that route either. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to own it.

(Deleted comment)
*sulks* You just want to report it to fandom_wank because since the voring, it's been so quiet.

Ditto (though most likely on different recs).

*grins* This was fairly random to run across and not in my current fandom.

That is not a Dalek. That is clearly Sweatpea from Popeye.


(Okay, in my defense, I've been wanting to say this for days and no one has given me an oppourtunity.

Also, Sweetpea? Really?)

Yes, Sweetpea. You can see the trailing gown?


(Um, I might have enjoyed that a little too much. It's the Harlequiny things I've been reading. You should quit looking at that picture and write me some story of some sort. Like mebbe that WIP I was reading the other day that's been languishing for lo these many years. Or something new. I'm not terribly picky. Really. You're going to strain your eyeballs or something.)

God. The only thing I can even think about is the crossover with John regaining his memory of being an assassin after being kidnapped and drugged while Rodney accidentally does a coup on Atlantis and then goes to rescue him. With you know. Comforting post-amnesia sexings.

(It was seriously a huge accident. Rodney had no idea when he woke up he would be King of Atlantis that night.)

I just got into Magnificent 7 and I'm reading all the fic I can get my hands on. But some of it is downright SCARY. Also, this one author gets recced to high heaven and, yeah, she's great at slashy tension and emotion and all that. But I wanna slap her for the way she treats the female characters. Just slap her.

Gah. That drives me *nuts*. And is the single reason I won't go near Dr. Who or Torchwood fanfic unless it's by people I know. (I totally know that's an overgeneralization, but the first few I hit were like that)

Magnificent 7 has always sounded interesting. I just sometimes worry about the lube. *Chews lip*

Magnificent 7 is thoroughly, digustingly charming -- if one can use "charming" in reference to Old West gunslingers. I love every single character and everything about them: their heroism, their flaws, their horses, guns, accents (and I tend to hate western/southern accents), the town, the whole set-up. It's awesome! And the fandom is AU crazy, and still going strong 10 years later and with only 2 seasons.

The lube gets substituted with all sorts of oils and grease and other weird stuff. And the modern AUs have lube. *nods*



You know what I am convinced of? There is NOTHING IN THAT FUCKING PICTURE and it was posted purely to fuck with us. Like getting two people to stand in public pointing at a patch of sky so that they can sneak off later and laugh at the gathered crowd searching for NOTHING AT ALL.

*nods grimly* Pretty sure of that myself. This has metamorphed into a picture find.

But totally that is a Dalek and Lenny Kravitz. Which I think is a spoiler for future Dr. Who episodes.

I am pretty sure if I start telling people their eyes will bleed if they read it, they will do it anyway. Or be more likely to read it.

I wonder if this means I haven't traumatized everyone enough.

Bleeding from horror or unskilled application of the spork?

If you spork out your eyes in a skilled fashion - there is no blood?


Re violent hatred and rec posts:

I don't get angry at bad authors; with few exceptions, I figure they're doing the best they can, and they'd like to be better themselves. But people who put shit into del.ici.ous? WTF are they doing that for? Or if it's a social responsibility, at least tag it, "my friend's fic" so there'd be a waring for the rest of it.

There's no tasteful way to put it. Those bitches who rec shit are pissing in our pool of good fic.

Not that I feel strongly about it or nothin'.

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