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an enchanted evening

Every once in a while, I get hit with a violent desire to post something incredibly rude. Maybe in a rec post. It would be something like this:

Are you kidding? You are kidding. You have to be drunk and also kidding. Oh my God, do you want to turn her off slash forever? And turn her off reading? Or LIVING? STOP THAT. DO NOT REC THAT. THAT IS WRONG. STOP. EYES. SPORK. HELP.

Then I remember that would be wrong. It hits me every so often. And I mourn. Mourn for that lost person. Godspeed, fanperson. Godspeed.

The Mindfuck Picture

Leld found a freaking dalek. This relates to the mindfuck picture of Lenny Kravitz, random skeletons, and women's heads. It's a Dalek. I can see it's tiny plungerdeathray and it's body and its head.

This thing is totally secret picture, isn't it? Wow.
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