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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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success! and by that, I mean, totally making stuff up
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so since I didn't see what it said I did, I decided to show what I *do* see. Yes. I know. I was getting antsy.

Original Pic:

Below cut, picture and explanation.

Mindfuck Forest Thing
Mindfuck Forest Thing

1.) Someone possibly smiling. An evil smile. Kinda like Disney's Pocohontas.
ETA: Actually, it looks like Uhura looking off to the left to me. Hmm.
2.) Lenny Kravitz
3.) Hanging doll type person
4.) Feet type things (possibly attached to spindly legs? possibly baby above it? Somewhere?)
5.) If you turn your head sideways, it's totally ET
6.) a.)Really tentacled spider. b.) If you turn your head forty-five degrees, Iratus bug. c.) Aslan

Also in picture - Scott Summers, another smiling face, a shovel, and okay, seriously, that light is creeping me out for some reason.

ETA: Three new variations.

By saya415 - human skeleton/possible chicken corpse
By threnodyjones - Woman Coming Out of Picture
By justascream - Woman In Picture (this one blinks in and out, so wait five to ten seconds to show outline)

Also various other theories in comments. Pretty sure I'll be having Ring flashback tonight. I am very stoked.

ETA 2:
leld found a dalek. Seriously. I could see his tiny textured body and his tiny plunder (death ray thingie). Wow. I. Wow.

ETA 3:
scarletts_awry found a TARDIS and a woman's face.

cukirepa discovered missing chunk of tree (while it grows!)

Someday real soon I'm going to have a job, just so I don't have to sit here and watch your decline.

Someone in the comments said there was a skeleton in the bottom right corner. *hands*

I was looking at that, but I just don't see it. The arrangement of branches isn't close neough ot ribs.

You like to see decline. IT FILLS YOU WITH JOY.

... there is nothing there.

<_< As a resident digital artist? I say there's a woman. Big. Right smack in the center. See the face? Shoulder? Chest? If you like to try too hard, she's even crawling outta there ala girl-outta-the-tv-in-the-Ring. Yup. Right there. Want me to outline her?

I see creepy baby hands on a tree.

Hey! Did you ever see the film "What Lies Beneath"? At the very end, right as the screen fades to black? Hehehe. My whole family, to this day, can't seem to see that one, and it's even CONFIRMED.

(Deleted comment)
That's a jumpy one with a face that jumps out at you.

(Deleted comment)
I noticed the feet by myself, but that's as far as I'm getting. :|

*mumbles*There's nothing there! I'm this close to sending you photos of my bathroom tiles in revenge.*mumbles*

DO IT. And put it into circulation! And see if this happens all over again! Bahaha. ...I'm not evil.

Okay, hopefully THAT works.

Okay, now that is deeply awesome. DEEPLY.

I'm going to say it's Lenny Kravitz.

And THANK YOU, that one was driving me nuts. I mean if it's really meant to be those 'feet' colour my mind turning over unsatisfied and in a grump, because that was definitely more on the platonic side of things.

Also, just to say: I totally wasted THREE HOURS because you posted this thing that I meant to spend on a final due tomorrow. >

I just wanted to say that I had the tech team for the entire floor clustered around monitors trying to figure this one out this afternoon (and this is what I get for reading my LJ friend's page during working hours =).

We didn't see the woman crawling out of the page but we did see:

(2) skeletons (tree lower left hand side, leaning against bottom, tree right above U in caption, lying down)
(x) spiders, innumerable stick insects
(2) air people kissing in the background above the section with the light sand the tree trunks.

And now everybody is addicted to mindfuck macros. Since we already have a wall of lolcats I'm really not surprised =)

*glee* I want more now. MORE! But only during daylight.

There's an old man slumped over, with half his face on one side of the tree and his body on the other. His face is right to the left of where your 5 is. Also, the pretty, tall, lady who's smiling.

If I had time, I'd show you the zombie swarm in the picture too...

I see... nothing. And even with the helpful circles and arrows, or the painted faces... still not seeing it once I look back at the original. Who posted this thing? What do they say they see?

Probably to get a straight answer I'd need to go to 4chan and check /b/, but that is also teh origin of goatse and Rule 34 and I just can't risk it.

Popular opinion everywhere says the forest has nothing in it. *sighs*