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success! and by that, I mean, totally making stuff up

Okay, so since I didn't see what it said I did, I decided to show what I *do* see. Yes. I know. I was getting antsy.

Original Pic:¤t=Mindfuck-woods.jpg

Below cut, picture and explanation.

Mindfuck Forest Thing
Mindfuck Forest Thing

1.) Someone possibly smiling. An evil smile. Kinda like Disney's Pocohontas.
ETA: Actually, it looks like Uhura looking off to the left to me. Hmm.
2.) Lenny Kravitz
3.) Hanging doll type person
4.) Feet type things (possibly attached to spindly legs? possibly baby above it? Somewhere?)
5.) If you turn your head sideways, it's totally ET
6.) a.)Really tentacled spider. b.) If you turn your head forty-five degrees, Iratus bug. c.) Aslan

Also in picture - Scott Summers, another smiling face, a shovel, and okay, seriously, that light is creeping me out for some reason.

ETA: Three new variations.

By saya415 - human skeleton/possible chicken corpse
By threnodyjones - Woman Coming Out of Picture
By justascream - Woman In Picture (this one blinks in and out, so wait five to ten seconds to show outline)

Also various other theories in comments. Pretty sure I'll be having Ring flashback tonight. I am very stoked.

ETA 2:
leld found a dalek. Seriously. I could see his tiny textured body and his tiny plunder (death ray thingie). Wow. I. Wow.

ETA 3:
scarletts_awry found a TARDIS and a woman's face.

cukirepa discovered missing chunk of tree (while it grows!)
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