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Macro Monday at SF Drama: Mindfuck Macros!

Okay, those are cool. Technically, most are work-safe, with a couple that aren't, but this is a mindfuck macro, so probably going to be a while before anyone figures out the unworksafe. Also, pretty mild. However.

What. The. Hell. Is that first one listed in the body of the post before comments? I have read the explanation. I have stared at the picture. I. Do. Not. See. It. I thought I saw Lenny Kravitz, an Iratus bug. And I'm pretty sure that was desperation.

Anyone have any mindfuck macros hanging around? *hopeful* And explain this one? With MSPaint preferably. Outlines and arrows.

Direct link to the macro in question:¤t=Mindfuck-woods.jpg

Direct link to the explanation in comments of sf_drama:


Also think I saw Aslan. *frowns* But I swear I can't *stop* seeing Lenny Kravitz.
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