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mindfuck macros
children of dune - leto 1
Macro Monday at SF Drama: Mindfuck Macros!

Okay, those are cool. Technically, most are work-safe, with a couple that aren't, but this is a mindfuck macro, so probably going to be a while before anyone figures out the unworksafe. Also, pretty mild. However.

What. The. Hell. Is that first one listed in the body of the post before comments? I have read the explanation. I have stared at the picture. I. Do. Not. See. It. I thought I saw Lenny Kravitz, an Iratus bug. And I'm pretty sure that was desperation.

Anyone have any mindfuck macros hanging around? *hopeful* And explain this one? With MSPaint preferably. Outlines and arrows.

Direct link to the macro in question:

Direct link to the explanation in comments of sf_drama:


Also think I saw Aslan. *frowns* But I swear I can't *stop* seeing Lenny Kravitz.

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What. The. Hell. Is that first one listed in the body of the post before comments? I have read the explanation. I have stared at the picture. I. Do. Not. See. It.
SAME. I do not see the creepy and/or the mindfuck. :|

Okay, I'm not seeing a baby AT ALL.

All I see still is Lenny Kravitz.

I'm with you—even after reading the explanation, I see nothing!

(However, I could spend the rest of the afternoon entertaining myself by looking at the other macros people are posting there. OMG FUN. :-D)

God, I know They're fantastic.

Lame. That's a Social Experiment in 'Can't See the Forest For the Trees' or something. 'Cause even while I could maybe see the feet thing, there ain't no baby that I can see.

Fun community though, never heard of this--*goes to poke around*

I don't see *anything*, but now I can't stop trying to FIND LENNY KRAVITZ.

I see a giant dildo on the ground and a limbless mummy stuck in a tree, but I'm guessing that's probably not right.

Is it by the not-shovel?

I need to put one of these up with a graph overlay or something.

There's a not-shovel? Is that the little box on the ground? If so, the dildo of doom is to the right of that. And my limbless mummy is your hanging doll-thing.

*tilts head* Does the dildo have two antenna?

That's it! Only now that you've pointed out the antenna it's starting to morph into a giant slug instead. And now I see an evil-eyed cocker spaniel to the left of the doll/mummy. I need to stop looking at this thing.

Yes, a slug!

Hmm. Cocker spaniel? *goes to look*

I can't see a baby, skeleton, or anything else they're talking about (aside from the fake shadow 'feet' from the trees. I thought that it was the funky tree trunk which looks like it's had a chunk taken out of it and part is floating above.

4th big trunk from the left (under the 'n'), about 1/4 down from the top of the photo. It looks like there's a big chunk of trunk missing and a piece floating above it.

Though, I suppose as I keep looking at it I see the light playing tricks on the right hand side, base of the trunk above the 'k' that might be construed as a baby. Not seeing the bend in the tree baby, though.

And there's kind of a face screaming in the top 1/8, between F and U...

That's Lenny Kravitz! Circa 2001 by the hair, I think.

Oh, so that's what Lenny Kravitz looks like...

I seriously cannot see that shit. Maybe if it were at a higher resolution? I am on my laptop, which probably isn't helping either. But ultimately I'm kinda betting that there isn't any *one* mindfuck in there but all the ones people've come up with themselves.

I'm currently of the opinion that the mindfuck is that there is no mindfuck -- like putting a [insert epithet of your choice] in a round room and telling him to pee in the corner.


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