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So, I still don't have a pony.


However, fandom_manners maintained by maleficently has been born, which honestly? Better than a pony.

From community:
Darlings! Welcome to Dear Ms. Fandom Manners! I am your hostess, and I'm delighted to see you here. Come in, have a cuppa, and sit back!

Now, admittedly, it's looking a little bare around here, but dearheart, I'm just getting started, after all! That's where you come in, my darlings! See, there just isn't a Ms. Fandom Manners if you don't write to me, now is there? I need letters, I crave letters, I eagerly and desperately desire letters from you, my dearest readers!

Submissions are now open! Don't forget to check out the guidelines and the community rules. Membership to the community is of course, open to one and all, but only those with permission can post! I'm so excited about getting to read your letters and picking out a choice few for next Friday! That's right, darlings, Friday!

Now, don't disappoint me! Ms. Fandom Manners is of course wickedly funny and brilliant at least some of the time, but she is depending on YOU to supply her with an endless stream of amusement to share with the masses, and I'm afraid I'm going to be terribly cranky if you let me down, dearhearts!

I have a pack of rabid plot bunnies, darlings, and I know how to use them!

MUST. ENJOY. FAQ and Submission Rules are up and running. Run along and ask deep fannish questions. My glee? Legendary.

Also, new to me:

overheardfanfic maintained by derryderrydown, which is the apex of awesome and why, why, why did I not know about this? It hurts me. A lot.

From userinfo:
About: For posting lines from fanfic that make you beam with delight. (It can be beaming because the line's funny; beaming because the line perfectly captures a character; or even beaming because you're a sadistic bastard who really loves a good torture description.)

I could almost die happy.

And also, not new at all, but a reminder:

overheardfandom maintained by slodwick, for all our fannish conversational funny.

From userinfo:
In case you missed the name, all quotes should be about fandom. It doesn't matter what fandom it is -- bandslash is as good as Gossip Girl is as good as Stargate. But posts about someone's cat or homework assignment, while undoubtedly entertaining, are not allowed here.

This isn't--quite--a passive-aggressive way of saying "entertain me now, bitches", because obviously I would never call anyone who knows where I live bitches and that's a lot of you (I bruise easily, you see). I am just saying, I had to reread the Horsewife Saga last night (and you know, it's weird; it's just as horrifying on re-read as the first time. It never really--gets numb, you know?). svmadelyn and I were looking at porn fanfic on asstr and nifty. I mean, you can really go no lower when you click on the Simpson's folder link without a healthy sense of irony.

(I am pleased to note: fangirls at large do it better. Could be because our idea of foreplay is not scat related, but mostly I think it's that crazy thing I like to call appropriate word usage. Sometimes, no matter how clever it may seem? That metaphor should not exist. No, really.)

In short: I'm doing homework and vaguely hostile towards existence, and I had no idea that I actually sekritly shipped Jack/Daniel until I started writing Jack/John ( I have a goal of getting John laid by as many characters in fandom as possible; this is called "when fangirls and crossovers get drunk") and felt bad for Daniel. The more you know, huh?
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