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One of the first rules I learned on the internetz is that if there is not a price on an item for sale, there's a pretty good chance I can't afford it. This seems triply true for dogs.

...considering what they are listing the price as, that is. I--I understand, on some level, that the AKC etc dogs are an expensive enterprise. That does not change the fact that pet-quality starting in the three thousands is disturbing. Show quality was call only--dear God.


My mother has wanted a Maltese forever. And I do mean that. And for the last three years, I have determined, yes, I will get her a Maltese. This is especially powerful during Mother's Day and her birthday. And I have yet to find one that does not require a mortgage or a blood oath or I'm not vaguely worried about health by the misspellings in the ads.

(Also, breeders cannot design websites. I mean, wow. Law of averages says I should find one that can. I have yet to hit a private breeder who did not believe more is better and that was painfully true for colors and fonts. I keep fighting the urge to email with a "If you will sell me a puppy for less than a kidney, I will redo this for you so it will not offend my eyes, my ears, and your text will be readable. And also help you with that background color problem. As it is hideous. And I will update it for you regularly, because you hurt my aesthetics. A lot.

...seriously. Gah. *stares at websites*
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