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Fannish Netiquette:

Sidebar--what wouldn't I give for a Miss Manners of fandom. I mean, for reference and also for hysteria. Can you see the questions that come in?

Dear Miss Fanmanners,
My cowriter and I have had an artistic difference in our latest wip. She says lube is optional and I said lube is necessary. We referenced minotaur and still can't agree! What do I do?
--Sleepless in SGA

Anyway. What's the etiquette on dead(or comatose) challenges? Let's say a hundred years ago someone did this awesome challenge. Do you appropriate with credit or try to track them down and ask if they are still in some kind of fandom-related activity? I'm mostly thinking of Kate Bolin's(?) Dead Letters and the ASCEML Getting to Know You. No, I don't actually want to organize them myself (though I would, seriously; Dead Letters are deeply awesome and I loved those). I kind of wish both had taken off as genres like the Five Things, to be honest. There is always a population for Dead Letters.
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