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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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in so many ways
children of dune - leto 1
I admit, I feel that fandom has enriched my life in ways that I don't have the necessary control of the thesaurus and its adjectives to properly express. Please insert a word that means awesome, but with the context of super-awesome.


There are days that I think to myself (as one does), that maybe if I'd become a rabid scrapbooker, I wouldn't have a vocabulary now expanded by two words that I never really wanted. Ever.


I...yeah. Show me your Science Guy slash fanart and I do not pale. I laugh at Goofus/Gallant BDSM. I even get through Care Bear porn. I have seen hell, and it is nifty's ominsexual superhero porn with added kryptonite lactation and I did not cry.

(Yes, it's there. No, really. Kryptonite lactation. I mean--how could you see that coming?)

But I seriously, seriously did not need typevoring. I just didn't.

Oooh, more batshit crazy...just what the doctor ordered...

My brain seriously hurts today.

I, um, hesistate to ask, but I CANNOT RESIST:

what is typevoring? *shudders to think*

You will need to go to fandom_wank. I'm engaged in trying to inflict amnesia on myself. Trying *very hard*.

I... don't know what that means, and I'm kinda scared to find out. Then again, this is the second time this week someone has mentioned Care Bear porn to me, and I never would have dreamed it existed just last week.

it's actually... kind of captivating. *hides face* But hey, if there has to be carebear porn, at least it can be not bad!fic... right? *crickets*

It's like speaking another language. "It means what? ...no okay. I.. what?"

Because it's so-- outside of my frame of reference.

Fandom stopped freaking my shit out a long time ago, for the most part. I blame the BMEzine Wiki Specifically, smoothies and all that entails. (Really, if you want to horrify yourself, go poking around all the genital modifications. You'll burn out whatever bits of horror you had left in you re: what people will do to their bodies and have a nice store of things to kill other people's souls with.)

But, *squint*, I'm confused as to what the hell that *is*. I mean, I know vore and sort of shrug at it. But now I have to google typevoring.



Typevoring isn't so much the issue for me, rather than the fanwank that I found in googling it. There isn't enough D: in the world for that shit.

"vore" has been added to my vocabulary thanks to fandom_wank. I can guess what typefucking is, but I'll live in blissful ignorance of its actual definition.

It gives the proliferation of "NOM NOM NOM!" on the net a whole new and unwanted meaning. Ha!

As I've said before that the bright side is that they're sitting in front of a computer in their own homes, they're not wandering the streets. If the internet goes down or if there's ever a power cut that's when we can all be afraid.

I'm not sure if I'm crying because of the HILARIOUS (because, you know, you thought YOU had problems) or because I didn't need to know about this, ever, in my life. Oh fandom_wank, there are no words.....no words.....

I should really just have my therapist bill fandom directly.

Y'know, I was just thinking that EXACT SAME THING.


Oh. My god. I can't think of an adjective suitable for this situation. o_0

Wow! I should never have google that one. My life was better without knowing what vore was.

I thought scat was like the bottom of weird kinks, but this trumps it.

And now I have to think back to this guy in Germany that dared to leave the virtual room and when to meet another vore-likemanded fellow and well, they engaged in *vore*, for real. It was all over the press here. *shudders* I didn't know there was a word for it.

This is your fault.

In a happier note, my Bourne Identity trilogy arrived today :)

...was that the one involving castration first? Please let it be, because I remember reading about that and I do not DO NOT want there to be more than one.


My head hurts. You made my head hurt!

Oh, fandom.

I'm surprised at how many other people have seen the Care Bear porn. It's always nice to know I'm not alone in having made my way through the scary places in fandom.

I think my favorite part was where he said that being in someone's stomache was like getting a hug all over.