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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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required reading - When Living History Becomes "Just History"... by liz_marcs
children of dune - leto 1
Interesującą Kobietę's story is an illustration that history is never just history. It's a living, breathing creature that informs who we are as individuals and a society far more than you'd think is possible.

There's a story here she has to tell.

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I'd never heard of the brothels specifically, but I honestly just presumed that there was sexual abuse of the prisoners in the work and death camps. I mean, that's what conquerors do--they rape. As with all rape, it's not about sex as such, but power.

I am angry to hear that the women who were abused have had their suffering denied value or even existence. But I'm not surprised. I wish, I really wish, I were.

History isn't politic maneuvering and military victories and dry recitation of dates. It's a thousand personal stories. The soldiers who brought those victories, their wives, their children; the people they killed, their families; even the politics are wrapped up in the politicians' own personal stories. It's good to see Interesującą Kobietę's story told, to remind people what history really is.

Um. Wow. I never knew. And I'm ashamed I didn't.

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